Preparing for Fall 2020

August 5, 2020

Dear Student,

We are so excited to welcome back our returning students and the Class of 2024. I know you’ve heard this a million times, but it truly will be a year unlike any other. When Tulane made the decision to return for in-person classes in the fall, there was no shortage of critics who told us that they didn’t believe our students could make responsible decisions or put the well-being of others before their desire to “party.” We reject the notion that because of your age, you are unable to make responsible decisions or to care about the health of the people in our community.  

In order to ensure that you know what is expected, all students must read and sign this acknowledgement form, and complete this training before returning to campus. If you do not already have access to the Canvas course, you can self-enroll. Faculty and staff are similarly signing acknowledgement forms and completing training so that we can all work together to promote safety. This cannot happen unless every member of our community is committed. Please take the time to complete the acknowledgement form and the training prior to August 18, 2020.  

One of the most important things we all must do this fall is hold each other accountable. If you notice someone not wearing a mask or wearing their mask incorrectly – politely say something. It’s an act of community kindness to address situations that may be putting others at risk. If you have a friend who is thinking of hosting a party of more than 15 people – suggest they keep it smaller than 15, or don’t hold it at all. If you are in a situation in which people aren’t wearing masks or practicing social distancing – insist on it. Each of you has tremendous power to change the course of this disease, and the way people perceive Tulane students in New Orleans.

We have created some resources for you as you navigate the new normal. The first, is a one-page document that summarizes all of the behavioral expectations and consequences of failing to adhere to those. The second, is a guide for off-campus living during the pandemic.  

Again, we are thrilled to have you back on campus in a couple of weeks! One fun initiative that we’ve launched in advance of your arrival is a Public Service Announcement Competition. We recently extended this competition to all college students in New Orleans as part of a city-wide student leader initiative. I love the way Tulane students are showing up for this contest! Here is one of my favorites so far by School of Science & Engineering junior, Trey Hill. I encourage you all to represent Tulane in this competition. Weekly winners will receive $500 in gift cards and the grand prize winner will walk away with $2,500 in gift cards.  

We’re looking forward to a great, albeit different, fall semester!


Erica Woodley
Dean of Students