Undergraduate Education

Five undergraduate schools.

1,700 classes.

75 majors.


Once you pick a major, you’ll become part of one of these undergraduate schools:


No matter which major you ultimately choose, all full-­time undergraduates enter the university as part of the Newcomb-Tulane College. The college will be your academic home during your career here; it’s also where you’ll turn for academic services, including advising, honors, study abroad programs, and other support.

No matter which school you’re in, you’re going to forge relationships with your faculty, noted scholars who actually teach you (no departments full of adjuncts and TAs here). Those faculty are going to take you on a journey. Some of you will travel far:­ about a third of you will study abroad while you’re here, participating in 100 programs in more than 40 countries. Even if you stay right here, though, you’re going to stretch your boundaries. We’re big believers in making a difference right now. So even though our interdisciplinary offerings will give you the tools to have an impact across a vast sea of careers once you graduate, there’s work to do immediately. So we became the first private research university to make community engagement a graduation requirement. What does this mean to you? For one, you’ll learn better when you “learn by doing.” Studies have shown that students who take a course that includes service learning understand the material better.

Other requirements: We have a well­-rounded, interdisciplinary core curriculum that will expose you to the humanities, fine arts, social sciences and sciences. In addition, you’ll participate in the TIDES (Tulane Interdisciplinary Experience Seminar) program during your first year here, which will give you an academic’s-eye view of your new home, New Orleans.