Why Tulane

Students enjoy cotton candy at the LBC Birthday Party event
We’d completely burn up your data plan if we listed every reason. But as long as you’re asking, we’ll warm you up with a few:

  • Because Tulane offers one of the most flexible degree programs around. Once you’re admitted you can take classes in any of our undergraduate schools. Many of our students double- or even triple- major.
  • Because you’re personally going to ensure this place will be better off when you leave than when you arrive. All of our students participate in community engagement before graduating.
  • Because you can take classes like “New Orleans Cities of the Dead,” about cemetery architecture, or “The Music and Culture of New Orleans” as part of our TIDES (Tulane Inter-­Disciplinary Experience Seminars) freshman seminars. The classes are cool ­ but the way so much of what we do is woven into the fabric of our city is even cooler.
  • Because we’ve got a food truck—a food truck!—on our meal plan. (And it’s named Roulez, which is pretty clever, if you ask us.)
  • Because you and your friends are going places: more than 30 percent of our students study abroad during their time here. (You’re coming from places, too: Tulanians come from 58 countries and all 50 states.)
  • Because we do our best to make a Tulane education affordable: All freshman are automatically considered for merit awards ranging from $10,000 to $32,000 per year.
  • Because you’ll be set up for success: our Career Services Center has information and job postings for more than 1,600 companies. If continuing your education is in your plans, Tulane offers a number of 4+1 Master’s programs in the Liberal Arts and Science & Engineering. And our graduates are above the national average when it comes to applying to law and medical schools.


Brass band parades across uptown campus during Crawfest

And that’s just for starters. Feel free to rattle off any of those when you tell your friends why you’re ready to go over 300 miles to get to college. (85% of our students travel that far to get here, and come to think of it, why aren’t your friends coming here, too?)

If you need more than bullet points to make a huge decision like where to go to college, though, chew on this.

You’ve probably figured out that we have the “life” part of “school-­life balance” down. The Princeton Review has us at or near the top of the list for Most Engaged in Community (#1), College City (#1), Happiest Students (#4), Best-Run College (#4), Quality of Life (#9) and Most Active Student Government (#12). But the “school” part is pretty amazing, too. You’ll learn from faculty like Walter Isaacson, the best-selling author and former leader of the Aspen Institute, and hear from guests like the Dalai Lama. You’ll have a chance to explore a city that was founded 300 years ago (but which has roots that go back even farther).

With a nation-wide alumni network of over 140,000 people, many of whom are leaders in their fields, you’ll always have an in somewhere. And while it’s great to have a network, we also know our students are more than capable of doing great things on their own with our internship database shared by an elite group of universities including Duke, Brown, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Emory, and Princeton, and our one-credit career development course, “Majors, Internships, and Jobs,” that teaches skills in résumé building, interview preparation and professional social media.