Interdisciplinary Studies

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Tulane offers a number of graduate degrees that combine topics from different subjects to give students a wider range of skills and knowledge. The schools or centers that administer the programs manage admission to these programs.

School of Professional Advancement

The Master of Science in IT Management degree gives information technology and business professionals managerial skills and technical expertise to take leadership roles in technology management.

The Master of Science in Sport Studies degree includes courses in sport and culture, ethical issues in sports, the role sports have in uniting and dividing communities, the psychology behind athletic performance, and more.

The Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security Studies (MPS) degree covers topics in emergency management, intelligence and security topics. Students in this program may take courses in public health related to disaster response, social work courses about the psychological effects of disasters or courses in political economy.

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School of Liberal Arts

The PhD in City, Culture & Community covers topics in sociology, social work and urban studies. Students have considerable flexibility to tailor the program to their individual research interests in the issues and processes that shape urban areas. Graduates from this program are prepared for careers in a wide range of fields, including education, government, community services and other organizations.

The Dance Performance Master of Fine Arts (MFA) offers an in-depth study of dance performance and prepares students for careers as performing artists or as teachers of a specialized dance field at the university level. Students in the program enhance their dance studies with knowledge from fields like theater, music, art, African studies, Latin American studies and more.

The Economic Analysis & Policy PhD program prepares graduates for careers in universities, government, non-profit organizations, the private sector and more. Students learn to use economic analysis to investigate real-world problems and take courses from partners throughout the university in diverse topics like health, education, public policy, and inequality and poverty.

Students in the French Studies PhD program take advantage of Tulane’s location to focus on the French, Creole and Cajun cultures of Louisiana, Afro-Caribbean studies as well as other Francophone communities. Students may focus on such diverse topics as medieval and early modern studies, political theory, gender studies, film theory, philosophy and more.

Tulane is one of the few universities in the United States that can offer a Phd in Latin American Studies & Art History. Our Latin American Library and the Stone Center for Latin American Studies are among the best in the nation. Tulane also boasts a strong art history program. By merging these disciplines, students in this program gain a firm grounding in art history with a broad perspective in the rich tradition of Latin American artists.

Students in the Linguistics PhD program take a wide-ranging approach to the study of human language. Specialties include Mesoamerican indigenous languages, African languages, East and Southeast Asian languages, Louisiana French, pidgins and creoles, philosophy of language, robotics and more.

The Political Development PhD program focuses on the evolution of political institutions over time and the ways they adapt to their changing environments. Students can draw on other Tulane departments to focus on Latin American political systems, urban politics, rule of law and many other topics.

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School of Science and Engineering

Tulane’s PhD in Bioinnovation puts an entrepreneurial spin on traditional research methods, teaching students to develop technologies or products that will have a positive impact on human health. Students in this program do traditional laboratory work but also learn about regulatory approval processes and participate in business plan competitions. This gives them a well-rounded approach to take their ideas from concept to reality.

Students in interdisciplinary Computer Science PhD degree program focus on the application of computer science to other scientific disciplines. Students in this program may specialize in artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, mathematical and logical foundations, computer graphics and more.

If we don’t have a PhD program that fits your needs, you can create your own degree with the School of Science and Engineering’s interdisciplinary PhD program.

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Center for Aging

The PhD in Aging Studies focuses on the process of aging and how it affects both the aging and the people around them. The program blends studies in psychology, physiology, genetics, sociology, culture and more. Graduates in this field will be prepared to work in academia and in the public and private sectors.

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