Returning to Residence Halls

September 24, 2021

Dear Student:

As our on-campus population of students began returning to their residence halls today, we have received reports that items are missing from some rooms. This is distressing news to hear, and we are very sorry for anyone who has experienced such loss. Please be assured that we have a process in place for such situations and are committed to working with each student individually to resolve their issue.

While most students who stayed during the storm saw no damages to their immediate surroundings, every room, bathroom and common space in all residence halls had to be entered and assessed to determine its condition. Often, water intrusion and other damage does not become apparent until days after the storm. Evidence of damage can also escape detection by non-professionals.

In some cases, students left rooms they believed to be undamaged but had, upon inspection, received water damage that destroyed linen, rugs, bedding and other material. These items had to be removed in order to prevent mold formation and further damage. Whenever possible, such items are being professionally cleaned and will be returned to their owners.

Students whose items are being professionally cleaned should have received an email from the Housing & Residence Life team to let them know that this was the case. Students may call/email HRL to verify whether their items have been removed to be laundered.

If, upon returning to their residence hall, a student discovers that any of their belongings are missing, they should immediately file a report with TUPD by calling 504-865-5381. Please be prepared to provide as much information as possible regarding the missing item, including photographs, physical descriptions, serial numbers, receipts and when the item(s) was last in your possession. TUPD officers will investigate all reports. If you have renter’s insurance, please contact your insurer immediately with a description of your losses and the details mentioned in the previous sentence. If you are in need of a laptop or other missing equipment necessary for your studies, please contact Erica Woodley or file a concerns report.

We understand that missing belongings can add to the stress of the last few weeks. Our goal is to facilitate an easy transition back to campus. We ask for your continued patience as we strive to restore our campus and address our students’ losses.

J. Davidson “Dusty” Porter
Vice President, Division of Student Affairs