May 27, 2020

Tulanian Now

Since our founding in 1834 as a medical college, Tulane University has been a leader in the fight against infectious diseases. Tulanian Now is a biweekly resource of information and updates about Tulane’s efforts to combat COVID-19.

Latest COVID-19 News

LaPorchia Collins

Ask an Expert: Tulane economist LaPorchia Collins on how COVID-19 is impacting the food supply

LaPorchia Collins, a professor of practice in the Department of Economics at Tulane University School of Liberal Arts, specializes in development economics with a focus on food security and inequality.

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From Hawaii to LA, student heroes return to help during pandemic

There was little question as to what Tulane students Prashanth Balaraman, Jonathan Gan, Lewis Greenstein, Madeleine Strain and other members of Tulane Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) would do when in mid-March they received one of the most important calls of their lives.

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parenting during pandemic

Parenting during the pandemic

The Tulane Institute for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health has partnered with the Louisiana Children’s Museum to offer resources for parents of young children coping with the coronavirus crisis.

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The Great Influenza

Gates Notes: This book taught me a lot about the Spanish Flu

Bill Gates writes about Tulane Professor John M. Barry's 2004 book The Great Influenza and its relevance today. "The 1918 influenza outbreak is the closest comparison to what we're living through right now. John Barry does a great job explaining the realities and lessons of that devastating pandemic."

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University Roundup

Congrats Grads

ICYMI: Star-studded virtual fête a fitting tribute to the unique, resilient Class of 2020

President Michael Fitts led a virtual online celebration on Saturday, May 16, that featured a star-studded cast of celebrities, musicians, business pioneers, sports stars and national leaders.

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Newcomb Institute Awards Ceremony

ICYMI: Newcomb Institute Awards Ceremony

The institute virtually hosted its annual Under the Oaks celebration to honor the achievements of its 2020 graduates.

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Greg Stewart

Dr. Greg Stewart to chair AAC’s COVID-19 medical advisory group

Tulane Athletics Team Physician Dr. Greg Stewart will serve as the chairman for the American Athletic Conference's newly formed COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group, which comprises medical professionals from each of the league's member institutions.

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Architecture Thesis Projects

School of Architecture hosts virtual spring 2020 thesis exhibition

A digital recreation of Richardson Memorial 201 created a virtual exhibition experience to showcase Spring 2020 Thesis students at the School of Architecture. Walk through the space and experience all 27 projects.

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Upcoming Events

Disrupted: How COVID-19 will change schools and the 2020 election

June 3 at 2 p.m.

Featuring Douglas Harris, a national expert in public education, and political scientist Mirya Holman. Hosted by Brian Edwards, Dean of the Tulane School of Liberal Arts. Register Now

Tulane Athletics: Where we stand

June 8 at 5 p.m.

Featuring Troy Dannen, Ben Weiner Director of Athletics. Register Now

Give Green: A Day for the Audacious

June 9

With so many Tulanians separated from campus by coronavirus-related restrictions, the day offers the perfect opportunity to show your love for Tulane from afar. This year it is more important than ever. Give Green offers Tulanians around the world a chance to join together to support what they love about Tulane. Learn More

Don't miss today's space launch!

Doug Hurley

Engineering alum on NASA/SpaceX mission to reach space station

Douglas G. Hurley, who graduated from Tulane’s School of Engineering with a degree in civil engineering in 1988, is one of the astronauts manning the Demo-2 mission on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, the first crewed flight for that vehicle and part of a collaborative commercial effort between NASA and commercial launch provider SpaceX.

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In the News

The richest neighborhoods emptied out most as coronavirus hit New York City

The New York Times

The richest neighborhoods emptied out most as coronavirus hit New York City Andy Horowitz, history professor at the School of Liberal Arts, says it’s an instinctive reaction for people to flee a city in a time of crisis or a disaster.

(Re) Designing your life in a post COVID-19 world


Julia Lang, assistant director for Career Education at the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation & Design Thinking, discusses how many of us find ourselves having completely restructured our lives in a post COVID-19 world.

Why are women-led nations doing better with Covid-19?

The New York Times

When Ruth Carlitz, a political scientist at Tulane University, analyzed governors’ track records in the United States, she found that women were not quicker to impose lockdowns to fight the coronavirus.

Will coronavirus make us rethink mass incarceration?

The New Yorker

This logic was pernicious; according to an open letter written by the dean of Tulane’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and other experts, the longer the parish delayed releases, the more genuine the threat of mass infection in the jail was—and thus the more likely it would be to spread to the public.

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