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Student Travel Protocol

Last Updated: Feb. 9, 2021

We strongly discourage students from traveling outside of the greater New Orleans area as travel may increase a student’s exposure to COVID-19. As such, we ask that students restrict their travel to that which is absolutely necessary.  

Students who need to travel must complete the following steps:

  • Students must request permission from CMVSS in advance of their travel. They should do this by submitting a travel request.
  • Students will be contacted by the Dean of Students or designee to discuss the nature of their travel.
  • Students who live on campus should plan to stay off campus for at least 48 hours upon their return. We can help facilitate this process, but the student will be responsible for the costs. Students who live off campus should plan to limit their contact and may opt to stay in a hotel as well.
  • Students should schedule a test upon their return to New Orleans at one of the Tulane testing centers. If a student has an issue scheduling their test, they should e-mail chtestresults@tulane.edu.
  • A student must have a negative test result prior to their return to on-campus housing and classes.
  • The student must present their negative test results to SRSS@tulane.edu to be cleared to return to their on-campus residence and/or classes.