Presidential Commission on Equity and Tulane Values


The Plan for Now provides structure and direction for initiatives already underway and identifies actions we can undertake in the coming weeks and months that will have an immediate and positive impact toward becoming a more diverse, equitable and inclusive Tulane.

Students talk outside of residence hall

Belonging for All

A top priority of the Commission will be to create a Tulane culture that embraces diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for all by:

  1. Pursuing Racial Equity
  2. Being Vigilantly Anti-Racist
  3. Identifying and Addressing High-Priority Issues

Graduate celebrates with umbrella after Commencement

Promoting Excellence and Leadership in Racial Equity

To equip our students to succeed and meet the challenges of an increasingly complex society and economy, it is crucial for Tulane to leverage the richness of backgrounds, experience and ideas inherent in our growing diversity. By moving forward quickly and with purpose to support student, faculty, and staff success, we can realize the intellectual and competitive advantage we need to take this great university to the next level. The Commission will start by:

  1. Fostering Student Success
  2. Supporting Career Success

Student vigil on campus

Partnering with Purpose

Tulane’s success as a university is directly tied to the success of New Orleans and surrounding communities. Moving forward we will commit to engaging with intentionality, purpose, and through partnership to build and support a fairer and more equitable community through developing:

  1. Vendor Diversity and Economic Impact Partnerships
  2. Local Community Paths to Tulane Admission
  3. Public Service