Make Way for Tulane

Academic Year-In-Review 2022-2023

Looking back over the past academic year, there’s no denying that it was a year like no other. On a weekly or even daily basis, history was being made—by faculty doing groundbreaking research or being honored for life-changing teaching; by students earning prestigious national fellowships; by trailblazers recognized for leading the way toward a more diverse and inclusive society. And, yes, by our Goodyear Cotton Bowl-winning football team.

We all felt like champions this year. The Class of 2023 memorably captured this feeling at Commencement, singing along to the classic Queen anthem “We Are the Champions.”

President Fitts and Tulane football fans at the AAC football game.

It’s wonderful to celebrate these triumphant moments together, especially after the challenges we’ve faced in recent years. It’s also important to celebrate the victories that don’t come with confetti cannons, second lines or trophies.

In these pages, we’ll show you the different kinds of champions you’ll find at Tulane: champions of research and innovation; of literature and literacy; and of the New Orleans community and its surrounding ecosystem.

Across our schools, departments and programs, these Tulanians are driving an unprecedented momentum that is unique in the current landscape of higher education. We’re witnessing an explosion of research and innovation in parallel with an evolution of our campuses: new residential and STEM facilities on our uptown campus, and a wholesale transformation of the downtown campus and its surrounding area as we open new facilities and begin to redevelop the iconic Charity Hospital building.

When we celebrate the successes of our colleagues, our classmates and our teammates, there won’t always be fireworks. But our collective joy and pride will provide the fuel for another history-making year ahead.

I hope you’ll enjoy taking a moment to relive and revel in our accomplishments.




What We Make Way For

From state-of-the-art living and learning spaces to improved safety measures and vibrant campus enhancements, Tulane's commitment to growth and progress is evident.

Tulane has a history at the forefront of groundbreaking research and has long been a hub of meaningful exploration and discovery.

Tulane continues to foster innovation through initiatives like the Tulane Ventures startup fund, successful spinouts like Fluence Analytics, and student-driven ventures.

Institutions of higher learning have the power to transform lives. At Tulane, this begins by making our community a more inclusive and supportive home for all.

Tulanians achieved a diverse array of honors, including prestigious scholarships, research recognitions, and distinguished accolades, contributing to a culture of excellence.

Inspired by our motto — not for oneself but for one’s own — Tulane’s faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors and friends, all Tulanians, are called to advance our distinguished tradition and relentlessly pursue a better tomorrow.