COVID-19 Updates for Students: Fall 2021

August 3, 2021

Dear undergraduate, graduate, and professional students,

COVID-19 testing is a core part of Tulane's Fall 2021 Return to Campus plans, along with contact tracing, mandatory indoor face coverings for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, and good hand hygiene. Information in this email applies to both the uptown and downtown campuses, Primate Research Center, and all students — undergraduate, graduate, or professional – both on and off campus.

More than 90% of Tulane faculty and staff and more than 95% of students report that they are fully vaccinated. If you have not done so, please report your vaccination immediately. When more people are vaccinated, there are fewer chances for COVID-19 to spread or mutate.

Our plans are based on current public health guidance. Developments in the weeks ahead may prompt new and updated guidance. We ask for your patience as we adjust our plans and strategy to meet changing circumstances.

Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing & Quarantine

Undergraduate students moving into residence halls on the uptown campus are required to receive and report a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to arrival on campus; students are required to upload their test through the Campus Health Patient Portal. If you need guidance on uploading your results, please review this online video tutorial.

Students should complete their test to return to campus as close to their return date as possible. We recognize that testing may not be available for all students. Email if you are unable to get a test.

We are also requesting all students to take precautions and quarantine for 5-7 days prior to their return to New Orleans. This will reduce the risk of students returning to campus with COVID-19.

Submit documentation of your pre-arrival COVID-19 test

Report your Vaccination Status Today

Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students who have not reported their vaccine status through the patient portal will have classes dropped, registration holds, and housing assignments canceled.

Fall 2021 Return to Campus Testing

Return testing for students, faculty and staff will begin August 15 and will end August 22.

Residential Students
In addition to pre-arrival testing, vaccinated residential undergraduate students should complete an on-campus test within one week of their move-in time slot.

Unvaccinated residential undergraduate students are required to complete an on-campus test within 24 hours of arrival; these students should monitor their Tulane email account for a scheduling message and get tested within 24 hours of receiving one.

  • The scheduling email (from lablynx) will be your notice to schedule testing at one of our testing centers. There will be an attached unique QR code for your individual test. Do not share your unique QR Code. It is linked to your private health information. QR Codes cannot be re-used. You will receive a new QR code each time you are required to get tested.
  • Please have your SPLASH ID number available and bring the original email with the QR code with you to the testing center.

Off-campus undergraduate, graduate, and professional students
Off-campus students should schedule an appointment for testing prior to their return to New Orleans and at the uptown or downtown testing centers as soon as they receive the testing email. You must complete a test prior to the start of classes, please plan accordingly.

If you HAVE NOT received an email by August 20, email for assistance. Emails are not sent to all individuals at the same time.

Testing Locations
There are testing locations uptown and downtown — you can schedule testing at either location. If one location has no availability, please try the other location. Appointment availability is generally greater at the downtown center.

COVID-19 Positive Result & Quarantine/Isolation Protocols

You should complete an online COVID-19 Reporting Form if you have:

  •  tested positive for the virus on or off campus
  •  if you believe you or another person is a close contact to someone who tested positive

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, Tulane Contact Tracers will help the student determine appropriate next steps. Tulane Contact Tracers will also help coordinate all the actions that need to happen on campus regarding notifications, tracing, disinfection, etc.

  • Fall 2021 Isolation Protocol: Isolation space is available for on-campus residential students who test positive. Off-campus undergraduate, graduate, and professional students should isolate in their own homes. Students who need assistance to isolate can work with Student Resources and Support Services for options. Isolation can end on day 10 assuming the positive individual has been symptom-free, without medication, for 24 hours.
  • Quarantine Protocol: Unvaccinated individuals who are identified as close contacts are required to quarantine for a minimum of 7 days with a negative test on day 7, or 10 days without a test. Vaccinated students are not required to quarantine as long as they have tested negative after exposure. Tulane cannot guarantee quarantine space for unvaccinated individuals; unvaccinated residential students will be required to quarantine off campus. Students who need assistance to quarantine can work with Student Resources and Support Services for options.

    Currently, all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, who are identified as a close contact are required to test when identified and then again on day 5-7.