COVID-19 Updates: Safer-at-Home Restrictions

January 29, 2021

Dear Tulane Community:

As you know, over the past few days we have seen an increase in positive COVID-19 test results among our undergraduate student population – both those living on and off campus.

To address this trend, Tulane is enacting Safer-at-Home restrictions for two weeks. We will closely monitor our numbers and, if they come down quickly, we may reevaluate these restrictions before the conclusion of the two-week period.

Safer-at-Home Restrictions

We strongly encourage students to limit unnecessary interactions. Apart from classes, dining and essential activities, students should limit themselves to their residence halls and off-campus residences. Visitors and overnight guests are not permitted in any residential halls and off-campus students should not host guests or gatherings with those outside of their immediate household.

Classes will continue to be conducted in-person – the city has identified both classrooms and office settings as an exception to Modified Phase 2 capacity and gathering size restrictions.

All in-person student programs – including student organization events – with the exception of classes will be cancelled or rescheduled. Virtual events can still occur.

To enhance distancing in common areas, off-campus students are restricted to dining at The Dining Pavilion, and all students are encouraged to use to-go options.

We are extending our return testing protocol, through which we test undergraduate students three times per week. We are also closely monitoring cases among graduate students and employees to determine if increased testing frequency may be needed for these groups.

These restrictions do not affect staffing on campus. Following our current guidelines, we encourage all units to continue to find ways to allow non-essential employees to work from home as much as their assigned responsibilities allow.


  • Are these restrictions different than the city’s current restrictions?
    Yes, since we’re still seeing high numbers in our undergraduate student community, the university is implementing stricter guidelines and is asking all students to be especially careful and to limit unnecessary interactions with the exception of classes, dining and essential activities.
  • Can I go to work at my off-campus job?
    Yes, but make sure you’re masked and practicing social distancing and following COVID restrictions.
  • Can I go to the grocery store?
    Yes, as long as you are masked.
  • Can I study with friends?
    If you need to study with friends, we recommend you do it outdoors and masked.
Testing Frequency

Students are required to participate in ongoing surveillance testing throughout the semester regardless of vaccine status or the presence of antibodies from a previous COVID-19 infection. Test schedule is subject to change. Please check the COVID-19 resources website for updates. Please monitor your email and schedule your testing when you receive your notice.

The following testing schedule is planned for the spring semester:

Three times per week:

  • Residential undergraduate students
  • Off-campus NTC undergraduate students

These students must complete their test within 48 hours of receiving their QR code

Every two weeks:

  • Graduate and Professional students
  • SoPA students

These students must complete their test within 72 hours of receiving their QR code.

During this period, certain groups may be identified for increased testing. Monitor your email to make sure you are compliant with any extra testing requirements.

QR Codes are sent based on testing capacity and a carefully planned schedule, please monitor your email and schedule your test when received.

Non-compliance Text messages

In order to protect the campus community and city residents, all members of the Tulane community must participate in ongoing surveillance testing throughout the semester.  Individuals who are not getting tested according to their testing frequency will be found in non-compliance and will receive one text warning. Further Non-compliance of the university’s COVID Testing Protocol will lead to referral to Student Conduct.

Other Important Facts

COVID Appointment & Test

Please do not schedule an appointment or visit a campus testing center before receiving a QR code via email from If you do not have an active order (QR code) to get tested, you will be turned away from the testing center.

For question about testing, email

Individuals who have tested positive

  • If you have tested positive outside of the Tulane Testing Program, you must submit documentation through the COVID-19 Reporting Form.
  • If you have tested positive, you do not need to be tested for 90 days. If you receive a notice, please contact for assistance.

Tulane Contact Tracing

  • All students are required to participate in contact tracing to limit the spread of COVID-19.

COVID Vaccine:

  • Receiving the vaccine does not exempt you from the testing program.
  • We will share regular updates with our community as more information about vaccine administration becomes available.
  • If you are starting a vaccine series with a healthcare provider at home, you must complete the series with that provider.
  • More information and FAQs are posted on the COVID-19 Vaccinations website. For questions about the vaccine, email
Mental Health & Wellness

We recognize that mental health and wellness are a struggle for all during this challenging time. We are continuing to bolster support and services to address this important issue.

Wellness App: In February, Campus Health will launch an app called You at College, a comprehensive well-being portal for students, faculty and staff. This portal is adaptable to any device and contains personalized resources, including those provided by the university. More information will be coming soon!