Your Shot at a Million Dollars and Other Vaccine Information

June 29, 2021

Dear Tulane Community:

It’s highly effective. It’s free. It’s easy to get. It's safe, and most of your colleagues have already gotten it. As a result, they will receive one-time payments of $500 for fulltime employees and $250 for part-time employees. But they also have a chance to win $1 million or other cash prizes and scholarships.

Through the Louisiana Department of Health’s new "Shot at a Million" campaign, Louisiana residents who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and are 18 years old or older can register for a chance to win $100,000 and a grand prize of $1 million! Additionally, Louisiana residents who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and are between the ages of 12 and 17 are eligible to win $100,000 scholarships. Starting July 16, weekly Friday drawings for one of the four $100,000 cash prizes and one of the nine $100,000 scholarships will take place. Drawings for the remaining $100,000 scholarships will be announced on Aug. 13. The drawing for the $1 million grand prize will also be announced on that date. To register and for more information, click here.

In addition to getting the best protection available against COVID-19, all Tulane employees will receive paid time off to get the vaccine. Tulane employees can make an appointment via this link to receive their vaccine at clinics on either the uptown or downtown campus. The vaccine is also available at pharmacies and other locations throughout the state. Employees will also receive paid time off to recover from any negative reaction to the vaccine. So, get vaccinated and register to win your money today!

Please Report Your Vaccinations

All students are required to take or decline a COVID-19 vaccination. Employees are strongly encouraged to report their vaccine status, as well.

  • If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine at a clinic other than the Tulane Vaccine Clinic, located on the first floor of the JBJ Building, the Tulane Living Well Occupational Health Clinic, located at 1430 Tulane Avenue, Room 1510 or the Phelps Hall Vaccination Clinic on the uptown campus, please report proof of vaccination through the Campus Health Patient Portal. If you need additional guidance, please review this online video tutorial.
  • If you were vaccinated at one of the Tulane vaccine clinics mentioned above, your record will be updated automatically. No additional action is required from you at this time.
  • If you choose to not receive the COVID-19 vaccine for medical, religious, or personal reasons, you must submit a Vaccine Declination Form.
  • If you have any questions about COVID-19 testing or the Campus Health Patient Portal, please email  
  • For all COVID-19 vaccine questions, please email
International Students

International Students should upload a copy of their COVID-19 vaccine documentation into the Campus Health Patient Portal. We are currently accepting most international vaccines. You will be contacted if your vaccine is not accepted, and you need to be vaccinated again once you arrive on campus. If you are unable to get vaccinated prior to your arrival in the U.S., you should schedule your vaccine series as soon as you arrive in the U.S. Failure to report your vaccine status or schedule your vaccine upon arrival in the U.S. may result in registration holds.  

All current Tulane policies related to COVID-19 will apply to you once you are on campus. If you are not vaccinated prior to arrival, you will be responsible for following the appropriate campus guidance.

International travelers should follow all current CDC guidance. You are responsible for any U.S. travel quarantine and should plan accordingly, based on your situation and the guidance at the time of your travel. Current CDC Travel Guidance by location is available here.

COVID-19 Transmission Study

You can help us understand more about COVID-19 transmission and vaccines by taking a few simple steps! We're inviting all undergraduate, graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and staff who are participating in Tulane's testing program to participate in our study.

We're asking you to complete a quick survey now, in 3 months, and in 6 months.

This study is 100% online. You can consent and fill out the surveys from any device with an internet connection. If you choose to participate, you will be entered into a monthly raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card. You will be eligible each month that you complete a survey between now and June 2022, for a maximum of three entries.

Interested? Please click here to visit our website.

The study's Principal Investigator is Aneeka Ratnayake
1440 Canal Street, Room 2053
New Orleans, LA,70112
Mobile: (410) 600-5292