Spring Testing, Contact Tracing & Isolation Regimen Update

February 8, 2022

Dear Tulane Community:

Below is an update on the testing, contact tracing and isolation regimen we are following in our continued effort to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Spring 2022 Testing Guidelines
  • Through our surveillance testing program, a random sample of faculty, staff, undergraduate, graduate and professional students are being notified to test weekly.
  • Any individual, regardless of vaccination status, who receives a QR Code must schedule their test as directed in the testing email. Test results are processed by the Tulane School of Medicine Laboratory. Expect results, via a phone call or email, within 48 hours. If you do not receive results after 48 hours, please email CHTestResults@wave.tulane.edu.
  • The Tulane Testing Centers, The Living Well Clinics, and all Campus Health locations work by appointment. Please do not show up, unless directed to do so via phone or email, without a scheduled appointment and a new QR code.
COVID-19 Positive Result & Quarantine/Isolation Protocols

You should complete an online COVID-19 Reporting Form if you have:

  • tested positive for the virus on or off campus
  • if you believe you or another person is a close contact to someone who tested positive

DO NOT expect an immediate response when filing this report and please DO NOT call Contact Tracing or the Student Health Center immediately after submitting the report. It may be 24-48 hours before Contact Tracing is able to reach you. We are experiencing a high number of reports and are working to contact individuals as quickly as possible.

Until you are contacted, you should isolate in place or make other personal arrangements that keep you away from others.

  • Residential students who test positive may be contacted by Case Management to move to the Tulane-sponsored isolation site before they have spoken to Contact Tracing. Please follow the directions for Case Management, Contact Tracing will reach out soon. Please keep your phones on and nearby in order to answer the contact tracers when called.
  • Many universities around the country have moved away from isolating students off-site and have instead started to treat this illness as they would the flu, strep throat or any other seasonal illnesses that typically impact our community. Although we have not taken this step yet, with a vaccination rate of 97 percent among our students, and 98 percent among faculty and staff – and a booster requirement –  that is ultimately our goal.
  • Yelling at or otherwise being rude to contact tracers or case management WILL NOT be tolerated. Students or employees who mistreat staff will be referred to Student Conduct or Human Resources respectively.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, Tulane Contact Tracers will help them determine appropriate next steps. Tulane Contact Tracers will also help coordinate all the actions that need to happen on campus regarding notifications, tracing, disinfection, etc.

All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, who are identified as a close contact are required to test when identified and then again on day 5-7. Faculty, staff, and students who are vaccinated are not required to quarantine.