Preparing for Fall 2020

August 14, 2020

Dear Student,

Welcome back! We are over halfway through the on-campus move-in process. First-year students have arrived with excitement as they become part of our Tulane family, and a majority of our upper-class students are in the process of returning now. As we start the fall semester, I want to be sure each of you are clear on our Tulane expectations.   

  • We are in a high-priority period until Monday, September 7. This means that conduct processes are expedited, and the consequences are more severe for all offenses. If you are found responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct during this time, you will be – at minimum – placed on disciplinary probation, which will preclude you from joining a fraternity or sorority, holding a leadership position in a student organization and studying abroad. Certain offenses may warrant removal from our community.
  • Wear your masks when in public – this includes when you’re hanging out with friends and walking in groups.  Students all over campus are doing a great job role modeling, but we need every student to step up and be a leader for Masking Up! For the most part, you all are doing a good job but remember the key points below:

    The only times you don’t have to wear a mask are:
    1) when you are in your individual room/house with no guests,
    2) when you are eating, seated at a table – your mask should be on when you are not eating. This means when you are walking down Broadway with a group of friends, you should all be wearing your masks. 

  • Practice social distancing – even when you’re wearing masks. Reports are coming in of gatherings of 15+ people and we are investigating these reports. Our success relies on each of you making good decisions to help keep our Tulane and New Orleans community safe. Commit to being a leader by avoiding situations that promote large groups. No large groups over 15!
  • You are responsible for completing the COVID-19 Training and signing the acknowledgement form.
  • You are responsible for knowing student public health and behavioral expectations. These expectations are fundamental to our ability to have a successful fall semester. If you did not attend an in-person session about the COVID-19 behavioral expectations, we encourage you to watch here.

There is a lot of skepticism and anxiety throughout our campus community about our students’ ability to make decisions focused on the well-being of our community. This is the time for each of you to step up and be a leader in keeping our community safe. We are putting a lot of faith in you because we know that you can do this. Please continue to hold yourselves – and each other – accountable.


Erica Woodley
Dean of Students