Monroe/Sharp Dining Update – Current COVID Restrictions

November 7, 2020

Dear Tulane Monroe/Sharp Residents,
Yesterday we heard from several students about their frustrations with the limited dining options in the Dining Pavilion. Each Monroe/Sharp resident will have an additional $100 of Wavebucks placed on your Splashcard today (Saturday) to provide additional options, such as Grubhub takeout options through the LBC. As a reminder, your Commons meal swipes also work at Le Gourmet. Students are encouraged to limit their activities and make good decisions as the university navigates this situation so you are able to travel home in two weeks for the holidays and final exams period.
Finally, if you have specific dietary restrictions that can only be met through the Commons, please email Dean of Students Erica Woodley and we will work with you to provide a solution.
Dr. Dusty Porter
Vice President of Student Affairs