Letter to All On-Campus Residents

March 11, 2020

As per communication from the University, Tulane is moving into a period of dedensification of campus, which will result in several changes to our current operation. As part of the change in service plan, Housing and Residence Life is instituting a number of policy and operational adjustments. We understand that people may have questions, so we will update this FAQ daily on our web site. We ask for people’s patience in this process as we deal with a high volume of calls in our office. The university call-center will also be receiving this information and will update their FAQs as well.

There is a lot of information contained in this message, all of which is very important. We ask that you please carefully review each of the topics below, as we know that many of these apply to most on-campus residents. Thank you in advance for your attention in this unique period of time.

  • Are the residence halls closing?
    The University is going is implementing a dedensification of campus. Students are strongly encouraged to leave campus effective March 22, 2020. All students are asked to make plans to move by this date. Students should make plans to take all the materials needed to begin online instruction beginning March 23, 2020. On campus residents will received detailed move-out instructions. We recognize that there may be extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from doing this. If this is the case, please submit an exception request form to that extent, articulating your needs.
  • Can I take advantage of summer storage?
    Students are highly encouraged to utilize this service. Tulane’s partner, University and Student Services will be on campus to distribute boxes from March 12 – March 21 outside of McAlister Auditorium. Tulane University will cover the additional 2 months of storage cost and the cost of boxes to help reduce barriers to storing belongings. Students will still pay for their storage, but they will pay the same amount they would have paid if they left campus in May.

    Here are the steps they will follow:
    1. Sign up for storage online
    2. Pickup their free boxes outside of McAlister Auditorium (3/12 – 3/21
    3. Pack and label their items (following directions is VERY important here). Items for one student should be separated from their roommates’ items.
    4. Take a photo of their items for reference later.
    5. Leave labeled belongings in their room to be picked up after the students leave.
    6. Lock their room door when they leave, complete an express checkout & return key.

  • Will the university assist me in packing or moving?
    The university does not have the ability to assist with packing or moving. Storage boxes will be provided to students who are signed up to store belongings with University and Student Services. Students shipping belongings can purchase boxes from FedEx in the LBC.
  • What if I don’t have the ability to move home?
    Please complete the Housing Exception Request form by noon on Sunday, March 15, 2020 to request the ability to stay on campus. Student requests to stay will be evaluated case by case as the university manages this process.
  • If I am remaining on campus, will I still be able to attend in-person classes?
    No. Classes have moved exclusively to an online only format. Activities for students will be limited for the remainder of the Spring semester.
  • Will there still be dining options available on campus?
    The university has requested that all students move home as of March 22, 2020. For those who are unable to move home and have been approved to remain on campus, there will be minimal dining options available. Details will be provided to those approved students when they become available.
  • If I move home, will I be reimbursed for my room & board?
    The university is working on clarifying this. More information to come in the next several weeks.
  • If I am unable to leave campus and am approved to stay. Is it safe for me to stay in the residence hall?
    The university has determined the best course of action is to cancel in-person classes and for students to move out of the residence halls, if possible. That said, there will still be staffing on campus to ensure that the halls are being maintained and cleaned in order to mitigate/minimize any health concerns.
  • If I am approved to remain on campus, can I have guests visit?
    The university has moved into a High Priority period. Students who remain on campus will not be able to have guests during this period, including visiting each other hall to hall. Additionally, if you choose to engage in behavior that violates our Code of Student Conduct during High Priority time, the consequences will be more severe. Your hearing may be expedited, and you will face an additional charge for failing to comply. If you are found responsible, you will be placed on disciplinary probation at a minimum and may be required to depart from campus immediately. Your strict adherence to the Code of Student Conduct is critical during these times.
  • If I am approved to remain on campus, will there still be services and activities taking place?
    Students should be aware that access to many facilities and services – including dining, recreation and libraries – will be significantly limited. In addition, student activities and gatherings will be discouraged.
  • Will the residence halls be open for Summer and Fall classes?
    Tulane does not anticipate that the university will be closed this summer or have any impacts on fall classes. However, we will communicate with students as information becomes available. Meanwhile, room selection for Fall housing continues to take place this month, and students should plan as if we will be back to normal operations for the summer and fall. See below for questions about the continuation of the room selection process.
  • What if I am feeling ill or my roommate is showing symptoms of illness?
    If you or a friend or roommate are showing signs of illness, we would advise that you/they contact Campus Health immediately at 504-862-8121 between 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and 855-487-0290 after 5:00 p.m.
  • Will the 2020-2021 room selection process still continue?
    Yes. As the selection process can be done online. We expect that students will be able to select rooms at their designated timeslot. To ensure that the process is smooth for you please take a few moments to review informational videos in your housing portal. Refer to the Room Selection Help Videos tab. If students encounter issues during their selection time, they should call the HRL office at 504-865-5724.

If any further updates become available they will be made on the Housing and Residence Life page here.

Housing and Residence Life
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