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Amelia Eldridge

Amelia Eldridge, a senior from California, is majoring in neuroscience. She is also a trip leader with and the manager of Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Adventures program. (Photo by Sally Asher)


Q: What are your hometown, major and year? What is your degree focus and why did you choose that path?
A: I am from Piedmont, California, and I am a current senior (Class of 2021) studying neuroscience with a minor in public health. I think that I switched majors and minors as many as six or seven times – English, EBIO, molecular biology, you name it – since I started at Tulane (shoutout to my amazing academic counselors who have helped me) because I have many interests across the board. I finally settled on neuroscience and public health because I find the brain and infectious diseases very interesting.

Q: What is the best part about being on campus this semester? Are you going to take a different approach compared to the fall?
Because it is my last semester at Tulane, it means a lot to me to be able to have the opportunity to continue exploring New Orleans in new, COVID-19-friendly ways. Walking around Audubon Park with my friends, leading watercolor-painting hiking trips in the swamp, and taking a quiet canoe paddle through Cane Bayou have all been wonderful things I have been able to do this year at school. I (recently started) working as an EMT part-time, so I plan to work hard balancing my time between school, EMT, Outdoor Adventures, and spending time with my friends when it is safe to do so!

Q: As an Outdoor Adventures student worker, what is your favorite part about the job? Have you worked there throughout college?
I have loved working with Outdoor Adventures since starting as a trip leader and the rental desk attendant and progressing to be a manager of the program this year! It has been such a great way to explore the beauty of the Gulf South, as well as to share it with other students. I have made so many great friends through the program, in addition to gaining outdoor and leadership skills.

Q: You have studied abroad throughout college. What programs have you done? What was the most rewarding part of the experience?
I was fortunate enough to study at DIS Copenhagen in the fall of 2019, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life! I studied The Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness as well as took a midwifery course and anthropology of food course, and they all were such incredible learning experiences. I love how much travel they integrated into the program (like visiting Florence, Italy, for a week to study under the students of Freud) and I met so many lifelong friends – both from Tulane and around the world! I cannot recommend the program enough.

Q: What is your favorite weekend activity? Do you have new hobbies since the pandemic?
My favorite weekend activity is taking long walks and runs around the city to see all the beautiful houses and architecture. I have loved looking at all the houses that are decorated for Mardi Gras. As for new hobbies, my dad bought me roller skates for Christmas, and so I hope to become one day good enough for the bumpy New Orleans roads!

Interview by Audrey Watford


Eldridge (left) leads a Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventures hike in Barataria Preserve.

Eldridge (left) leads a Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventures hike in Barataria Preserve. (Photo by Sally Asher)