COVID-19 Mask Mandate Update & Flu Shot Information

October 28, 2021

Dear Tulane Community:

In compliance with updated guidance from the Louisiana Department of Health, the City of New Orleans and the CDC, Tulane will no longer require students, faculty, staff, visitors or vendors to wear masks indoors or outdoors while on any Tulane campus — including residence halls, classrooms, dining halls, offices, recreation centers, COVID-19 testing centers, and campus buildings effective Friday, Oct. 29.

Although the pandemic is not over, our case load on campus and our positivity rate is very low and we are now in a mask-optional status for most of campus. This means individuals in our community may choose to continue to wear masks for their own personal health and safety but are not required to do so. All unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to wear a mask while in public indoor spaces.

Individuals are required to wear face coverings in the following settings:

  • While passengers or operators of public conveyances, including trains, shuttles, streetcars, buses, taxis, ride-shares, airplanes, ships, ferries and within the corresponding transportation hubs.
  • In all healthcare facilities, including physician’s offices, hospitals, and long-term care facilities.

As we make this transition, it is important to remember that we are also entering into cold and flu season. It is critical to continue our efforts to control both COVID-19 and flu through the following:

  • Hand Washing – Washing your hands often will help protect you and others. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Stay Home When You’re Sick – Stay home from class, work and social activities when you are sick to prevent spreading your illness to others.
  • Clean Your Room – Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces in your room, especially when you or someone who has visited your room is ill.
  • Cover Your Mouth and Nose – Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose and Mouth – Germs are often spread when you touch something that is contaminated with germs and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth.

Flu Shots

Flu shots are required for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students and highly recommended for all faculty and staff. Faculty and staff can schedule no-cost flu shots here. Campus Health is offering a variety of outreach-based flu clinics and in-clinic appointments to help undergraduate, graduate, and professional students get their flu shot. In addition, many local pharmacies (Walgreens and CVS) and retail outlets (Target, Walmart) offer vaccines at low or no charge to you.

Undergraduate, graduate, and professional students can schedule no-cost flu shot appointments at the Campus Health Center uptown and downtown. Students must bring their Splash ID and wear a shirt that allows us roll up a sleeve. If you have never visited the Health Center before, please fill out their patient forms on the Patient Portal before arriving. There are two ways to schedule appointments through the Campus Health website.

Please be aware we are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation in both the city and state and may alter our guidance based on our data. Our best efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 lie with our community’s cooperation in continuing their efforts to keep everyone safe.