Brent Daniel

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Brent Daniel

Brent Daniel is a new Tulanian, a member of the Class of 2024. “Being on campus has changed my entire first-year experience,” he said. (Photo by Sally Asher)


Brent Daniel is a first-year student from Charlotte, North Carolina, but with New Orleans ties.

Q: What is your hometown and what is your major?

A: I was born in New Orleans, but I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, after Katrina. Right now, I am technically an undecided business major. I am going to major in marketing/business management, most likely. One of the things I love about Tulane is that I do not have to know (my major) right now.

Q: What is the best part about being on campus this semester?

A: The best part about being on campus this year is getting the closest thing to “the college experience” while being in the middle of a global pandemic. Tulane has truly made the best out of a terrible situation. They have made something work that no one was sure was possible. It truly is unbelievable, and I am extremely impressed. Being on campus has changed my entire first-year experience. Being online for my last semester of high school, all I wanted for college was to be on campus.

Q: What has been working for you so far this semester? Is there something you feel particularly good about?

A: The adjustment from high school to college has definitely been different, but Tulane has the people and resources to assist with this adjustment. I have certainly noticed these. Personally, something that has worked well for me is this app called P Schedule. It truly has everything that I need to know for my academic schedule and assignments in one place. I have been using my iPad and Apple pencil for note-taking, which has kept me very organized.

Q: How have you managed to keep you and your friends safe from COVID so far?

A: I have been wearing my mask, washing my hands, and staying within my cohort to keep Tulane and myself safe. Unfortunately, I tested positive for the disease about three weeks ago. All of my friends in my inner circle did not get it. Because we all wash our hands and wear our mask.

Q: How do you find ways to create community around campus?

A: I have made a good community around campus from my floor and my orientation group. To some surprise, it is still easy to make friends around campus, mask and everything. Everyone here in the Tulane community, new and old, has been welcoming with open arms. I am so grateful to be on campus and to everyone that made it possible.

Q: What have you and your friends been doing for fun during the pandemic to cope with this new normal? Do you have any new hobbies or weekly traditions?

A: We try to play volleyball sometimes when the weather is nice. Also, we play cards frequently on the tables in the common room.

Interview by Audrey Watford

Brent Daniel

Brent Daniel (at left) and his friends play volleyball when the weather cooperates. (Photo by Sally Asher)