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Students second line after Convocation


  • NO. 29*
    National Private Universities
  • NO. 42*
    Best National Universities
  • NO. 34*
    Most Innovative Schools
  • #4*
    Best Schools for Service Learning
  • #41*
    Best Undergraduate Business Program
  • 15
    Fulbright Scholars

* According to rankings by U.S. News & World Report

Embarking on the very beginning of that academic journey at Tulane, first-year students with second-line umbrellas make their way down McAlister Drive after the 2021 President’s Convocation for New Students.


  • 45,525
    Applications Received
  • 1,900
    Students Admitted
  • 9.8%
    Acceptance rate
  • 207
    Perfect GPAs
  • 26%
    BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)




Tulane brings together bold and creative scholars, scientists and students who are committed to crossing boundaries. Through our unique educational and research vision, unconventional approach and outsized ambition, we create innovative solutions and uncommon results.

Two hands holding sand

Rebuilding our Coast

Louisiana’s coastlines are disappearing at alarming rates. GLASS HALF FULL, a New Orleans-based glass recycling program founded by Tulane alumni, is working with Tulane scientists and engineers on a coastal restoration program that uses sand made from glass. The project is bringing together university researchers from varying fields to identify new markets for recycled glass products, determine where recycled glass sand should be used to prevent coastal land loss and ensure that recycled glass sand is safe to use in coastal environments.


Caring for Caregivers

Healthcare worker rests head in hands

Healthcare workers are experiencing alarming levels of burnout and compassion fatigue, leading to poor behavioral health outcomes for themselves and contributing to health disparities for the communities they serve. As part of a $2.27 million grant, the SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK will team up with a network of community health clinics to develop, implement and disseminate innovative, evidence-based self-care models that address retention, burnout and overall well-being and resiliency of the healthcare workforce.


The State of Climate Change

Jesse Keenan at riverfront

JESSE KEENAN, an associate professor in the School of Architecture, spent the past four years writing and collaborating with scholars and scientists across the globe for a newly released United Nations report on the state of climate change. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Sixth Assessment Report: Mitigation of Climate Change provides an updated global assessment of emissions pathways and progress to curb those emissions. Keenan served as editor of the chapter on buildings, which focuses on how buildings can be designed, constructed, managed, operated and used in a manner that reduces greenhouse gases and promotes environmental and social sustainability.