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Academic Year-In-Review 2019-2020

Academic Year-In-Review 2019-2020

The content on this website represents an academic year cleaved in two, forever demarcated between the time before COVID-19 and the months that followed. It also represents the response of a community that refuses to surrender.

Tulane responded to COVID-19 like we’ve always responded to crisis — using our knowledge, expertise, wisdom and passion to improve the human condition. Our researchers embarked on an effort to find treatments and a vaccine, while our medical and healthcare professionals fought on the front lines for the survival of COVID-19 patients.

Our epidemiologists coordinated research efforts for the World Health Organization and our medical students advised local businesses on safe ways to operate in a new normal. With one of the country’s most rigorous safety, testing, tracing and isolation/quarantine programs, we launched a successful return to in-person classes for the fall semester.

But COVID wasn’t our only challenge. We continue to invest heavily in the pressing issue of racial injustice by implementing new programs to increase our diversity, equity and inclusion and hiring our first Chief Diversity Officer. A photo of our Black medical students at a local plantation became an icon of the call for justice and equality.

We continued to explore and to discover in all fields of knowledge and human enterprise, from brain science to solar energy to literature and the arts. We reached for the stars, literally, as Tulane graduate Doug Hurley commanded the first flight of the SpaceX Crew Dragon.

We also had fun, welcoming our new class, hosting our first virtual graduation celebration and cheering on our beloved Green Wave.

In a word, we masked up and moved forward ... ever onward, ever Tulane.

Michael A. Fitts
President, Tulane University



COVID Lab testing samples of the virus

Purpose & Solutions

Tulane has always met challenges, from addressing the yellow fever epidemics of the 19th century to leading the fight against COVID-19.

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Excellence & Equity

Diversity is a hallmark of a great university that is committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive future – this is the university Tulane aspires to be.


Masked students and professor engage in an outdoor class

Meaningful Exploration & Discovery

A great university defines success by how it advances humanity through academic, scholarly and social leadership.

BRACE program managers consult with restaurant owner

Enlightened by Experience

Tulane is a powerful, transformative academic community that transcends generations, backgrounds and areas of study.


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