Objectives for Fiscal Year 2007


  • Continue to implement all aspects of the Renewal Plan with a particular focus on the academic reorganization, undergraduate experience and the School of Medicine
  • In conjunction with the SVP of TUHSC and the Provost, as well as the Deans and faculty representatives, review faculty composition and organization of faculty in light of Renewal Plan to ensure maximum effectiveness in teaching, research and clinical needs
  • Review staff composition, organization and function in light of Renewal Plan to ensure maximum synergies and effectiveness
  • Develop and implement new/revised enrollment management and financial aid strategies in light of changing perceptions of and conditions in New Orleans
    • Enroll an entering first-year undergraduate class of 1,400 with academic credentials above those enrolled in Fall, 2006
  • Hire a new SVP for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Despite a resource constrained environment, do everything possible to support and invest in the future of our faculty and staff


  • Meet or exceed budgeted projections for cash flow and operating results
  • Continue to aggressively pursue insurance and FEMA recoveries
  • Ensure fiscal year 2008 budget projections reflect continued recovery and movement toward financial stability
  • Redo the university’s capital budget for the next three years in light of the Renewal Plan and available resources


  • Reintroduce the “Promise and Distinction Campaign” to exceed the goal of $700 million by June 30, 2008
    • Redo the campaign priorities to reflect the goals and directions in the Renewal Plan
    • Revise the university’s annual fund and alumni affairs strategies, as needed, given the Renewal Plan and campaign priorities
  • Raise at least $75 million in private gifts and grants
  • Pursue recovery grants/loans from the state and federal government, respectively
  • Continue aggressive public relations and communications initiatives to advocate for the university among all of its constituencies
  • Develop a plan to rebuild athletics on a financially sound and competitive basis
  • Continue to revise the university’s emergency preparedness plan to reflect the lessons learned from Katrina
  • Continue to be involved in the city’s recovery efforts

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