Cell and Molecular Biology Faculty

YiPing Chen, Ph.D. University of Iowa, 1993

Chair, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

The John L. and Mary Wright Ebaugh Chair in Science and Engineering
Molecular mechanisms and genetic control of vertebrate organogenesis.

Frank Jones, Ph.D. McMaster University, 1995

Gerald and Flora Jo Mansfield Piltz Professor in Cancer Research
Molecular biology of breast cancer progression and therapeutic resistance. Signal transduction mediated by the EGFR-family. Regulation of gene expression in schizophrenia. Molecular alterations associated with brain injury.

Jeffrey G. Tasker, Ph.D. University of Bordeaux, France, 1986

Catherine and Hunter Pierson Chair in Neuroscience

Intracellular and patch-clamp electrophysiology using in vitro brain slices. Study of membrane electrical properties, synaptic circuits and hormone regulation of hypothalamic neuroendocrine cells.

David Mullin, Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin, 1983

Associate Professor
New chemical class of antimicrobial agents; identifying the cellular target of 4-DDP1956, testing the therapeutic potential of 4-DDP1956 in mice. Bacterial fermentation end products to produce liquid fuels for automobiles.

Laura A. Schrader, Ph.D. Tulane University, 1997

Associate Professor
Molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity and learning and memory. 

Laurie Earls, Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, 2007

Assistant Professor
Age-dependent molecular mechanisms of psychiatric disease susceptibility.

Fenglei He, Ph.D. Tulane University, 2009

Assistant Professor
Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying craniofacial morphogenesis and malformations.

Hai Huang, Ph.D. Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, 2005

Assistant Professor

Stryder M. Meadows, Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2008

Assistant Professor
Understanding the molecular underpinnings of vascular development and disease using a combination of mouse genetics and in vitro experimental approaches.

Shusheng Wang, Ph.D. Tulane University, 2004

Assistant Professor
Stepping Stone Foundation Early Career Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology

To dissect the epigenetic mechanisms of retinal vascular development and disease using genetic mouse model and in vitro system, with a focus on microRNAs and chromatin factors.

Cherif Boudaba, Ph.D. University of Bordeaux, 2001

Senior Professor of Practice
Bursting activity and its synchronization in the hypothalamic magnocellular neurons.

James Cronin, Ph.D. Tulane University, 1990

Senior Professor of Practice
Levy Professor in Integrated Discovery and Community Engagement
Neurophysiology of epilepsy and developing viral-vector based techniques for gene transfer to the nervous system.

Robert Steven Dotson, Ph.D. Tulane University, 1998

Senior Professor of Practice
Neuroendocrinology; Signal transduction in response to cytokines and growth factors.

Nancy Eddy Hopkins, Ph.D. Tulane University, 1992

Senior Professor of Practice
Understanding of the interaction of the xenobiotics, both naturally occurring and synthetic, with the cytochrome P450 enzymes and the nuclear steroid hormone receptor superfamily./p>

Meena Vijayaraghavan, Ph.D. University of Madras (India), 1994

Senior Professor of Practice
Environmental carcinogenesis, cancer studies and pediatric nephrology.

Manjong Han, Ph.D. Sogang University, 1998

Professor of Practice
Human embryology; Cell and molecular mechanisms of regeneration and development in vertebrates.

Ken Muneoka, Ph.D. University of California – Irvine, 1983

Research Professor

Shi Di, Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles, 1991

Research Assistant Professor
Study synaptic activity and stress hormone regulation of hypothalamic neuroendocrine cells with electrophysiological approaches.

Benjamin Hall, Ph.D. Simon Fraser University, 2002

Research Assistant Professor

Laura Harrison, Ph.D. Tulane University 1998

Research Assistant Professor

Jakub Hanus, Ph.D. Center for Translational Research and Molecular, Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology, Gliwise, Poland, 2010

Research Assistant Professor

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Mimi Sammarco, Ph.D.  Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, 2005

Research Assistant Professor

Joby Westmoreland, Ph.D.  Vanderbilt University, 2007

Research Assistant Professor
MicroRNA regulation of thalamus development and function.

Zhuoru Wu, Ph.D. University of Washington, 1998

Research Assistant Professor

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