Welcome to Student Affairs

A Message from Marc J. Kahn, MD, MBA
Peterman-Prosser Professor
Senior Associate Dean Admissions and Student Affairs

The greatest resource of the School of Medicine is its students. Tulane boasts students from all of the 50 states and prides itself in its diversity. Students are chosen to attend Tulane School of Medicine based on their ability to contribute to the school in some way. Whether that be through the arts, sports, community service, research or scholarship, the value of the medical school is measured by the quality of the students

Towards that end, at Tulane, we strive to allow students to recognize their potential. We work hard to give students the education that they deserve and rely on student input to structure our programs. Students are involved on nearly every committee in the School of Medicine and we rely on them to provide input on curricular structure and activities.

The office of Student Affairs is available for career and personal counseling. We feel that through our mentorship, our students will use the talents that they possess to become excellent physicians and leaders. Our students today will be the medical leaders of tomorrow.


A Message from Barbara Beckman, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Admissions
Professor of Pharmacology

As Associate Dean for Admissions, I have the opportunity to interact with potential applicants and applicants on a daily basis. The most gratifying part of my job is advising students on ways that they can hone their aptitudes and skills to become happy, productive professionals. When teaching pharmacology to undergraduates, medical students, and graduate students, I come in contact with a cadre of diverse, fascinating young people on a daily basis. It's so much fun to facilitate students in their quest for a satisfying career, be it in medicine, research, teaching, or a combination. Tulane medical students contribute to the community in so many ways. It's inspirational to be involved in teaching and mentoring them. I can't imagine a better environment for students anywhere!


A Message from Ernest Sneed, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Minority Affairs

Because diversity in all of its aspects is critical to medical education, Tulane strives to have diversity as a fundamental framework in which it operates. Diversity allows all of us to learn from each other, sharing the wealth of experiences that stems naturally from working with a diverse population. As the Assistant Dean, I want to work with all students to insure the very best academic environment possible. I want to part of training the physicians of the future. I want to mentor those who want to make a difference in the lives of others through service to their communities. Becoming a Tulane physician is an honor—an honor that carries huge responsibility. We are here to make that honor a reality.


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