Aerial view of a container ship on the Mississippi River

Tulane University and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) have partnered to provide a unique educational program. Initially, this collaboration will take the form of course work in River Science and Engineering offered through the newly formed Department of River-Coastal Science and Engineering at Tulane and available to federal and state government and industry employees nationwide, as well as to Tulane graduate students and advanced undergraduates. This program is offered fully online and will allow Corps and other government and industry participants to receive advanced training in job-related river science and engineering topics.

The River Science and Engineering program will consist of the completion of one required course, RCSE6800, Introduction to River Science (first taught Spring 2018), that will be offered every Fall and Spring semester initially, and four of five additional courses (more elective course may be added in future semesters) that will begin being offered in the Fall 2018 Semester.  The existing coursework in the program is:
RCSE6800 Introduction to River Science (offered every Fall and Spring)
RCSE 6810 River and Stream Restoration (offered every Fall beginning Fall 2018)
RCSE 6820 River-Coastal Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling (offered every fall beginning Fall 2018)
RCSE 6830 River Mechanics and Management (offered every Spring beginning Spring 2019)
RCSE 6840 Methods in River Sampling (offered every Spring beginning Spring 2019)
RCSE 6900 Independent Study in River-Coastal Science and Engineering (offered every Fall and Spring)
Students must complete the intro course prior to enrolling in advanced courses unless permission is obtained from the RCSE department chair ( and the class instructor.  This exception will be made for students who are not initially interested in completing the full certificate program and that also meet the instructor’s prerequisites for entrance into the course. Each of the courses in the program will be three credit hours.  Those completing 15 credit hours of required coursework will be granted a certificate of completion.**  All six courses will be taught on the standard Tulane Fall and Spring semester schedule.

**A transcripted certificate degree is currently under development.

Clicking on the “Apply Now” button above will provide more information about the program and will lead to a brief application fill-in form that will get you on our mailing list for program updates and semester course offerings.  It will not commit you to registering for any specific course or the overall certificate program—this request will come to you in an email that will arrive from Tulane providing more specific registration information in response to you filling out this online application.