Department of Tropical Medicine Events


Academic Year 2015-2016


Department of Tropical Medicine Seminar Series

12:00-1:00 PM JBJ Conference Room, 504*

Spring 2016

January 26: Special Seminar 11 am - Noon Tidewater conference room 2302 Noboru Minakawa  (Nagasaki University, Japan) " African Malaria Vector Ecology and Control".

February 8:  Mardi Gras Holiday- No seminar

February 15: Ousmane A. Koita (University of Bamako, Mali) and Donald Krogstad (DTM) " Randomized, Blinded Phase 1 Clinical Trial of an Investigational Antimalarial, AQ-13 vs. Artémether + Luméfantrine for the Treatment of Uncomplicated P. falciparum Malaria ”.

February 22: Douglas Rice (UND) " Zinc(II)-Dipicolylamine Coordination Complexes as Targeting and Chemotherapeutic Agents for Leishmania major ".

February 29
: Sponsored by SPHTM Daniel Bausch (DTM) " Emerging Infectious Diseases and Pandemics: Ebola's Message ".

March 7:
Monica Embers (Tulane National Primate Research Center) " The Challenges of Diagnosing and Curing Lyme Disease ".

March 14: Rebecca C Christofferson (LSU) " Investigations of antibody cross-neutralization among Flaviviruses and implications of Zika emergence in Dengue Enemic Regions ".

March 21: Claribel Murillo (DTM) " HSP90 Proteins in Malaria Parasites: Essential Non-Redundant Roles During Intraerythrocytic Development ".

March 28:
Andrea Ropolo (Instituto Martín Ferreyra Argentina) " Deep inside the nuclei: decoding the role of the enzyme arginine deiminase during Giardia lamblia encystation ".

April 4: Nirbhay Kumar (DTM)- CANCELED

April 11: Elizabeth Didier and Marissa D. Fahlberg (Tulane National Primate Research Center) " Macrophages and Aging - Early Lessons from SIV/AIDS Rhesus Macaque Model ".

April 14: Christopher M. Kribs (University of Texas at Arlington) " Conclusions from mathematical models for sylvatic Trypanosoma cruzi transmission dynamics in the southeastern US ".

April 18: Dawn Wesson (DTM) " Can Zika be Stopped? "

April 25: Special Seminar 2 pm - 3 pm JBJ Conference room, 504 Carolina Touz (Instituto Martín Ferreyra, Argentina). " Exploring the Unique Dual Function and the Evolutionary Relationship of the giardial epsin-like Protein ".

April 28: David B. Weiner (UPenn) " Tales of Synthetic DNA Approaches for Difficult Immune Targets ".

2013-2015 Department of Tropical Medicine Seminars

*Seminars to be held in JBJ 504 unless otherwise noted

*The DTM Seminar schedule was last updated April 19, 2016*


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