Jane Bertrand, PhD, MBA



Jane Bertrand, PhD, MPA
Neal A. and Mary Vanselow Professor and Chair
Department of Global Health Management and Policy
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
1440 Canal Street, Suite 1900
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 988-7107
Fax: (504) 988-3783


Research Interests:

program evaluation, operations research, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS


Educational Background:

  • 1969-1970 University of Paris - French studies
  • BA/1971 Brown University - French
  • MA/1973 University of Chicago - Social Science: Communication
  • PhD/1976 University of Chicago - Sociology
  • MBA/2001 Tulane University - Business, Management

Professional Achievements:

  • 2006-2009 Academic Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • 2002-2008, Director, Center for Communication Programs, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • 2008-2009, Project Director, Project SEARCH, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • 1994-1999, Chair, Department of International Health and Development, Tulane University SPHTM, New Orleans, LA

Selected Publications:

Mukaba T, Binanga A, Fohl S, Bertrand JT. Family planning policy breakthrough in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: levers of change and prospects for sustainability. Glob Health Sci Pract. 3(2):163-173.

Kidman, R., Palermo, T., & Bertrand, J. (2015). Intimate Partner Violence, Modern Contraceptive Use and Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Social Science & Medicine. 133(5), 2-10.

Omondi Aduda, D.S., Ouma , C., Onyango, R., Onyango, M., Bertrand, J. (2015) Voluntary medical male circumcision scale-up in Nyanza, Kenya: evaluating technical efficiency and productivity of service delivery. PLoS one 10(2): e0118152. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0118152

Bertrand, J. T., Sullivan, T. M., Knowles, E. A., Zeeshan, M. F., & Shelton, J. D. (2014). Contraceptive Method Skew and Shifts in Method Mix In Low-and Middle-Income Countries. International perspectives on sexual and reproductive health, 40(3), 144-153.

Bertrand, J.T., Kayembe, P., Dikamba , N., Mafuta, E., Hernandez, J., Hellen, J., & Binanga, A.(2014). Mapping the supply of family planning services in Kinshasa, DRC. International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. 40(2).

Bertrand, J.T., Rech, D., Aduda, D. O., Frade, S., Loolpapit, M., Machaku, M. D., . . . Perry, L. (2014). Systematic monitoring of voluntary medical male circumcision scale-up: adoption of efficiency elements in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. PloS one, 9(5), e82518.

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Rech, D., Spyrelis, A., Frade, S., Perry, L., Farrell, M., Fertziger, R., . . . Bertrand, J. (2014). Implications of the fast-evolving scale-up of adult voluntary mdical male circumcision for quality of services in South Africa. PloS one, 9(5), e80577.

Perry, L., Rech, D., Mavhu, W., Frade, S., Machaku, M. D., Onyango, M., . . . Bertrand, J.T. (2014). Work experience, job-fulfillment and burnout among VMMC providers in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. PloS one, 9(5), e84215.

Mavhu, W., Frade, S., Yongho, A.-M., Farrell, M., Hatzold, K., Machaku, M., . . . Bertrand, J.T. (2014). Provider attitudes toward the voluntary medical male circumcision scale-up in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. PloS one, 9(5), e82911.

Macintyre, K., Andrinopoulos, K., Moses, N., Bornstein, M., Ochieng, A., Peacock, E., & Bertrand, J. (2014). Attitudes, perceptions and potential uptake of male circumcision among older men in Turkana County, Kenya using qualitative methods. PloS one, 9(5), e83998. Jennings, L., Bertrand, J., Rech, D., Harvey, S. A., Hatzold, K., Samkange, C. A., . . . Perry, L. (2014). Quality of voluntary medical male circumcision services during scale-up: a comparative process evaluation in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. PloS one, 9(5), e79524.

Taylor, T. M., Hembling, J., & Bertrand, J.T. (2014). Ethnicity and HIV risk behaviour, testing and knowledge in Guatemala. Ethn Health(ahead-of-print), 1-15. doi: 10.1080/13557858.2014.893562

Bertrand, J.T., Dudas, E., Goldin, M. B., & Fontenot, C. (2014). Providing healthcare to New Orleans' heart and soul: the musicians. Arts & Health, 6(2), 176-183.

Ouldzeidoune, N., Keating, J., Bertrand, J., & Rice, J. (2013). A description of female genital mutilation and force-feeding practices in Mauritania: implications for the protection of child rights and health. PloS one, 8(4), e60594.

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Brambila, C., Ottolenghi, E., Marin, C., & Bertrand, J.T. (2007). Getting results used: evidence from reproductive health programmatic research in Guatemala. Health Policy and Planning, 22(4), 234-245.

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