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On Good Authority Podcast

Tulane Innovation

On Good Authority is Tulane University’s official podcast. It features fresh perspectives and lively discussions from leading experts on global topics and issues of the day. Our experts explain an issue, answer challenging questions and help listeners better understand what’s important.

Listen along starting September 23 on your favorite app platform, and stay tuned for future episodes!


Latest Episodes:

Julia Lang

Episode 4 – Kids, COVID and Halloween

Launched October 20, 2020

Pediatrician and child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Lauren Teverbaugh discusses why celebrating milestones like Halloween are still important, how to talk to your family about celebrating safely and brainstorming new traditions during COVID. Learn more about Dr. Teverbaugh's work here.

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Julia Lang

Episode 3 - Pandemic Pivot: How to make big changes when the world shifts

Launched October 13, 2020

Julia Lang is the associate director of career education and life design at the Phyllis M. Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Design Thinking at Tulane. Her class “Taylor Your Life” helps students learn how to plan a fulfilling life and career. The same principles in her course are in “(Re)Designing Your Life in a post COVID-19 world,” her step-by-step guide to making big decisions in uncertain times. Click here to read her guide, which includes the worksheets she mentions in the podcast. To learn more about her life design class, visit:

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Geoff Dancy

Episode 2 - Conspiracy Theories

Launched October 6, 2020

What are conspiracy theories? Who buys into them? In confusing times like a global pandemic are we more susceptible and willing to believe in them? A discussion with Geoff Dancy, associate professor of political science at Tulane who teaches a course about conspiracy theories, answers questions about how we process information and why people are willing to believe.

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Bob Garry and James McLachlan

Episode 1 - Is COVID-19 Immunity Possible?

Launched September 23, 2020

Researchers are discovering that COVID-19 antibodies can vanish in as little as two months after infection. What does that mean for those who’ve recovered and efforts to find a vaccine? A discussion with virologist Bob Garry and immunologist James McLachlan about what we’ve learned about antibodies and why the innate immune system may be more important in fighting off the virus than first realized.

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