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Leftover Candy Trick-or-Treating / Nosy Neighbors / Floor Block Party

Location: Uptown Campus
Weatherhead 4 Tall

Who's got lots of leftover candy and a wants an excuse to leave their Halloween decorations up for another week?!

Weatherhead 4 Tall! In addition to brownie night, we'll be throwing open our doors with our lovely little doorstops on November 15th at 8 PM (date change due to RA training!). Put out your leftover candy for others to snack on, take the opportunity to check out your neighbors' decorations that they've toiled over for months now, and head to the common room for some music and food. What more could you ask for from this mash-up event?

PS There might be some extra candy in it for those who show off their rooms... Just sayin :)

For more information on this event, please visit the original post on Orgsync.