Tulanian Spring 2007

t h e F e a t u r e s

New Orleans: Time and Place
by Nick Marinello

Time and place sychronize.

What Ever Happened to Daddy's Girl?
by Mary Ann Travis

For two decades after World War II, a distorted view of the Freudian Oedipus complex prevailed in American culture -- especially in father-daughter relationships -- confining women to narrow, sexual roles.

Skin Deep?
by Nick Marinello

There has been an explosion in the use of plastic and cosmetic surgery to change outward physical appearance, but beneath the surface of every nip/tuck decision is the desire to effect psychological change.

Ask Why
by Fran Simon

The case against Enron and its culture of corporate corruption was driven by a single question.


On the cover, upper left: The venerable metasequoia lives on at Tulane.

Inside front cover, lower left: Live Oak is embedded with logos of the hundreds of universities that took in Tulane students during the fall '05 Katrina exile. The textile art by Gina Phillips, G '97, hangs in a dining room of the new Lavin-Bernick Center.

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