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Keeping the Promise

June 29, 2005

Tulanian Staff
Michael DeMocker

If you've read the Q&A with Scott Cowen in the preceding section, you know that he uses the word "promise" as a synonym for "potential."

tulspr_05_bwlantern_1Tulane's promise, in other words, is its capacity to be more than it already is. "Promise" is a powerful word, because it suggests not only all we might become, but also all that is good, honest and true.

A promise is a pledge, a commitment, an assurance. In the following pages you will meet 14 individuals who work at Tulane as teachers, researchers and administrators.

In his or her own words, each shares what it is about Tulane that makes him or her tap into -- and even raise the bar of -- personal potential and the potential of students and colleagues. Collectively, their stories offer a rare, insider's look into academia, where the ongoing pursuit of knowledge and nurturing of intellect is a promise kept, every day.

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