Photos: Global focus on women’s education

November 3, 2011 5:41 AM

Photos by Cheryl Gerber

A delegation from the oldest women’s college in China, Ginling College, visits Tulane to talk about strategies for women’s education with faculty, administrators and students at the Newcomb College Institute. The group chose to come to Tulane on Oct. 24 because of the leadership role Newcomb has played in women’s education in the U.S., says Aidan Smith, the institute’s external affairs officer.

Sally Kenney (from left), executive director of the Newcomb College Institute, welcomes Huanqi Qian, president of Ginling College, located in Nanjing, and Hon Ye, associate professor of English at Gingling. Kenney met with the Chinese delegation to talk about how the two organizations share comparable goals for their students.

Tulane sophomore Angelica Gordon, center, greets Yihong Jin, left, professor and director of the Ginling Women’s Development Center. Gordon said the visit by the Ginling group was “an opportunity to witness both cultural differences and similarities between China and the U.S., specifically in the area of gender studies.”

The spirit of international cooperation is evident in this photograph with members of the Ginling delegation and Tulane students, administrators and faculty at the Newcomb College Institute. The group discussed the institute’s leadership programs and initiatives, as well as successful methods to prepare students for success on the job market.

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