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August 24, 2012 5:41 AM

Fran Simon

Ever since Times-Picayune owner Newhouse announced in May that New Orleans’ 175-year-old daily newspaper would no longer be published every day, I have been hearing folks discuss whether or not this move signifies the death of print media.

Simon says

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“Digital news and information are happening, and we are not going to turn back from that,” said Paul Greenberg, director of the media arts department in the Tulane School of Continuing Studies.

Where did we first read the news about the Times-Picayune? In David Carr’s New York Times story.

For full disclosure, let me introduce you to my friends the Andrews family. Three Andrews siblings will be laid off by Newhouse this fall (in New Orleans and Alabama, at other Newhouse papers). I am on Facebook as one of the “Friends of the Times-Picayune” and I wear the ribbon pin of Times-Picayune support designed by Mignon Faget, the purchase of which benefits Times-Picayune staffers.

Many pundits and ordinary people have made salient points about why New Orleans should have — deserves to have — a daily newspaper. “You can’t open a dozen boiled crabs on a computer,” observed New Orleans actor/comedian Ricky Graham.

One guy wrote in a letter to the Times-Picayune editor that he won’t know what to do without the plastic bags that wrap his daily newspaper — they’re perfect for waste disposal when he takes his dog on their daily walk. Good point.

Two of my co-workers are waxing nostalgic about opening their front doors at 5:30 each day, anticipating their morning read over coffee.

The penetration rate (number of people who read the daily newspaper) in New Orleans is at the top in the nation. And, with the talk about The Advocate (of Baton Rouge, La.) possibly publishing a New Orleans edition, a lot of my friends are enthusiastic about subscribing.

Reading is good, right?

You read it here.

Fran Simon is managing editor of New Wave.

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