The Insider: Four things ‘to do’ this week

July 30, 2012 5:43 AM


It’s easy to get stuck in life’s natural pattern of waking, working, dining and sleeping. A non-work-related to-do list could be a way of getting out of your humdrum routine. Try it. And if you like it, begin making your own list each week!


Read a real newspaper from cover to cover.

Don’t skip the sections you aren’t interested in and don’t hit the coffee shop with your fancy iPad. Buy a print edition newspaper and provide yourself enough time to get through everything from politics to the comics.

Excuse crusher: Can’t get through a full print edition in one sitting? Buy one daily and read a different section each day.

Call a friend with whom you haven’t talked in a while.

Ask about their lives and tell them you miss them (providing that you actually do). They’ll hang up feeling special that you thought of them.

Excuse crusher: Contact through Facebook does not constitute a “call.”

Take a 20-30 minute walk through the park, but…

...leave the headphones (and walking buddy) at home. Nature is an amazing soundtrack. This also is a great time to ponder solutions to issues in your life.

Excuse crusher: No time? Consider a mid-day lunch hour walk always keeping safety in mind. Too hot? Find an indoor track.

Help someone younger.

Whether you are a seasoned 60-year-old professional who knows a 20-something just starting his or her career, or a 30-year-old professional who knows a high school student facing challenges that you encountered not long ago, this is a rewarding exercise. The best place to start is with members of your own family.

Excuse crusher: No young people in your vicinity? Consider becoming a youth mentor through Tulane Career Services or the Newcomb Town Mom Program.

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