The Insider: Try a Tulane Green Smoothie Recipe

July 25, 2011 5:43 AM


In honor of summer — and all those times our parents encouraged us to eat our vegetables — I present The Insider’s unofficial green smoothie of Tulane: Green Power Punch.

Healthy green smoothie

With a healthy mix of greens and fruit, The Insider’s Green Power Punch smoothie makes a cool and tasty drink. (Photo by Paula Burch Celentano)

Drinking a vegetable-infused smoothie was a challenge and, I’ll admit, a bit scary. But in the end, I realized that I could have a whole day’s worth of veggies and fruit, with the fruit flavor as the high note. Not a bad deal, right?

Before making the smoothie, I purchased fresh green vegetables and ripe fruit from the Crescent City Farmers Market held every Tuesday at Tulane University Square. My bag was filled with kale, basil, spinach, peaches, figs and blueberries. To help loosen the consistency of the drink, I used a small amount of low-cal lemonade. (Orange or apple juice would probably work as well.)

Green Power Punch

1 c. kale (fresh)

A sprig of basil (fresh)

1 c. spinach (fresh)

2 peaches (sliced)

½ c. blueberries (optional)

1 c. light lemonade

1-2 c. ice

Put all ingredients in a blender and process on high until smooth. Then enjoy!

Remember, the goal is to get the color of your smoothie to become “Tulane green” while adding your favorite fresh or frozen fruit. The color becomes so beautiful when blended that I’m sure it would make a great conversation piece at your next party.

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Here’s what a few of my taste testers had to say: “This is pretty good. It’s really peachy.” “Not bad. The smell reminds me of a freshly mowed lawn.” “It screams summer!”

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