The Insider: <i>Tulanian</i> Gets a Makeover

July 18, 2011 5:43 AM


Times change, and so has the university’s magazine formerly known as Tulanian.  You may have noticed the spunky new layout and its new moniker — Tulane magazine — in the spring 2011 issue. But why the changes? And why now?

Tulane magazine Mary Ann Travis, the magazine’s editor, has been a member of the staff that produces the quarterly magazine since the mid 1990s. Since then, the magazine has undergone several changes including a reduction in the number of pages due to a decreased budget.

The recent redesign of the magazine, which has been around for more than 80 years, is an effort to enliven the content in order to appeal to readers who are accustomed to quickly reading and digesting information.

 “The three biggest changes we made were: the name change, our use of large colorful info-graphics and simpler headlines,” says Travis, who adds that the response from readers has been mostly positive. “Our reason for changing the name was to connect the magazine more directly to the university.”

Travis provides the example of someone outside the university seeing a Tulanian in a doctor’s office waiting room. They may not immediately associate Tulanian, the magazine, with Tulane University. By changing the name of the magazine to Tulane and presenting it boldly, “the university name is out there,” says Travis, “as we continue to tell the story of the university and the people associated with it.”

The magazine’s art director, Melinda Viles, says she, too, is excited about the updated design and hopes that readers enjoy the new packaging.

“It’s the same great product that everyone’s used to but the packaging looks a bit different,” says Viles. “Design styles are constantly changing and we always want to be on the cutting edge.”

If you haven’t checked out the magazine’s new look, you can read it here. Send your comments about the redesign to the editor

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