Law graduate gains international experience

July 9, 2014 8:45 AM

Linda Campbell


Meredith Bambrick (L ’13, LLM ’14) drove through rough terrain to a land determination ceremony during a law school summer internship with the Northern Land Council in Darwin, Australia. (Photo from Meredith Bambrick)

Meredith Bambrick wasted no time putting into action one of the first LLMs in Law and Development conferred by the Tulane Law School and the Payson Center for International Development. Soon after receiving her new degree, Bambrick joined Payson adjunct assistant professor Nanette Svenson in Istanbul, Turkey, to present research on the United Nations at a conference on global governance.

Bambrick and Svenson analyzed how the U.N. contributes to the development of international norms on issues of global concern, such as gender equality, basic human rights and protection of children in war zones. They examined how the U.N. helps develop these norms into protocols and encourage nations to incorporate them into their domestic laws.

The presentation at the Academic Council on the United Nations System annual meeting in June was part of a panel on addressing global problems through law.

Svenson, who has a master’s degree and doctorate in International Development from Tulane, works as a consultant based in Panama City and has taught at the Payson Center since 2011.

Bambrick received her law degree from Tulane in 2013 and says it was exciting to attend her first international conference.

As the only lawyer in a room with social scientists who focused on political mechanisms for addressing the problems of protecting rights, she says: “It was a whole new view for me. It also gave me a chance to share with them a different perspective on concepts of sovereignty and responsibility to protect."

The LLM in Law and Development started in 2013 and is the first program of its kind in the United States. Students receive multidisciplinary training in such areas as sustainability and development, international human rights and comparative environmental law.

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