Don’t be alarmed when sirens blare on Friday

March 7, 2013 3:00 PM

Fran Simon

On Friday (March 8) at noon, sirens will reverberate on the Tulane University uptown campus. Aaron Miller, emergency management specialist, says the outdoor warning drill is designed to teach appropriate action when there’s a threat on the uptown campus.


These threats might include a severe weather emergency, a violent intruder or other hazardous condition. “When you hear the sirens sound, take immediate shelter in a safe, secure place inside a building and stay inside until an all-clear message is given,” says Miller, who runs operations in the Tulane Office of Emergency Management. The test will be chimes rather than the two distinct siren alerts that can be used during an actual emergency.

The outdoor warning sirens have been installed during the past year as part of the “public safety toolkit” that allows the university to provide a safety corridor for people to walk on the uptown campus, during the day and at night.

“Our campus is open and we have a lot of visitors, including parents and prospective students,” Miller says. “Not everyone receives our emergency alerts.” 

The sirens are at five public safety stations that also include emergency telephones, surveillance cameras and microphones that can be used for public addresses. The Tulane University Police Department has keys to the units to access them during an emergency.

TUPD officers will be stationed in all the academic zones during the drill, with extra officers on duty to answer questions and aid the response.

“We want you to be comfortable knowing that we have this system in place and hearing it,” Miller says. “Our goal is to make people aware we have this and to know what to do when they hear the sirens. It’s all about prevention.”

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