The Insider: Prepping for parades

February 13, 2012 5:43 AM


New Orleans is a place where fun can be found on every corner. However, wandering aimlessly for something to do during Carnival isn’t the best idea.


Whether you’re participating in Carnival for the first time or need a refresher course on tips to get you through the season, check out last year’s Carnival Insider, which lays out the  things you need to know about Mardi Gras.

In addition to that list, here are a few more tips for you to consider:

Travel in groups. Pairs are good, but groups of four or more are better.

Play dress up. Neon green boas and glittery top hats can add more fun to your experience, but will also be helpful in identifying members of your group among the other parade-goers.

Know where you’re going. Study the parade route before you leave home and download the parade tracker app to determine how long it will be before the parade reaches you.

Need more tips? Check out the New Wave safety infographic and the Mardi Gras safety letter from the Division of Student Affairs.

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