Miley Cyrus Sighted on Campus

January 18, 2011 5:41 AM

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If by some far-fetched, highly improbable chance you missed a day of reading New Wave, you may be unaware that the uptown campus has been buzzing about Disney star Miley Cyrus’ new movie, So Undercover.

The Insider

Movie trucks, extras and prop crews came to campus on Saturday (Jan. 15) and Sunday (Jan. 16) to shoot scenes on the Gibson Quad, inside Richardson Memorial Hall and in the parking area behind Tilton Memorial Hall. Cyrus reportedly was on set.

When the movie started filming late last year in locations around New Orleans, our announcement of an on-campus casting call opened the door for many of our students to get face time on the silver screen. Tricia Travis, a senior who was cast as a sorority girl, was in a scene that put her next to Cyrus.

“Our part was brief, but we had to do it about 30 times, so the cameras could get different angles,” says Travis. “We had to laugh out loud as we walked out of the sorority house and ignore Miley’s ‘hello’ as we passed by. I think the scene was showing her nervousness as she entered the house for the first time.”

Travis says her costume included shorts, a pink sorority shirt and flip flops — despite the shoot occurring in December. A photo featured in New Wave gives us a clue that the movie takes place during warmer months.

While I personally haven’t read the So Undercover script, I hear that Cyrus’ character is hired by the FBI to go undercover as a sorority girl at a Louisiana university. My sources say that our campus won’t be identified as Tulane University in the movie. But viewers familiar with Tulane will recognize it on screen.

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