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Leading With Purpose


Great universities don’t just happen. Great universities are purpose-driven and intentional and, in rare cases such as Tulane’s, they are unconventionally innovative with an outsized ambition to change the world. Fueled by the urgent and pressing needs of society, Tulane crafts solutions with lasting impact, leading to real changes that make a difference in the lives of others.

From our founding purpose of confronting yellow fever, to our emergence from the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina through our battle against COVID-19, Tulane has demonstrated that the innovations and solutions found here can make a difference everywhere. Our scholarship, breakthroughs, research, art and culture improve the human condition worldwide — body, mind and soul.

-Mike Fitts

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Of New Orleans, For the World

Why is Tulane’s education and research so distinctive? Simply stated: our singular history, location and culture, combined with our size and structure, enable us to break down traditional silos between academic fields — all in support of our unique educational and research vision. As the only national research university in the Gulf South, Tulane embraces its region, which compels us to address the special social and environmental challenges coastal cities like ours face.

Meaningful Exploration & Discovery

A great university defines success by how it advances humanity through academic, scholarly and social leadership. By that standard, Tulane is truly impactful — and ascendant. Tulane’s manifold contributions are evident in the lives we transform, the problems we solve and the community we foster.

Tulane staff volunteer at Grow Dat farm

Uncommon Results

Although we have multiple campuses and schools like other major research institutions, Tulane is different: we maintain small class sizes and develop one-on-one mentor relationships between students and faculty. We care deeply about our students. The bestselling authors, leading scholars and world-renowned artists on Tulane’s faculty know their students by name and revel in their successes.

A Parade of Possibilities

Tulane is a driver of global-impacting research, discovery and creativity — we are leaders in countless fields. We are on the front lines, addressing challenges such as health inequities, coastal erosion and the conservation of indigenous culture, music, art and language. We celebrate a diversity of voices and perspectives, seek the balance between energy needs and the protection of the environment, and promote access to — and excellence in — health care. We strive to improve the human condition and build a better world.

Three students paint windows in the LBC

Excellence & Equity

Institutions of higher education have the power to transform lives. At Tulane, this begins by making our academic community a more inclusive and supportive home for all. Diversity is a hallmark of a great university committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive future. This is the university Tulane aspires to be. We have made progress toward this goal in recent years, but we must do more — much more.

Our Ambitious Future

Tulane has a rich legacy, and yet its story is still being written. We think life is a little different, and lived a little better, in New Orleans. Ours is a passionate, tight-knit community where our differences make us stronger and our culture inspires us to celebrate life. Tulanians lead with confidence, humility — and spirit.

Not for Oneself, but for One's Own

Inspired by our motto — not for oneself but for one’s own — Tulane’s faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors and friends, all Tulanians, are called to advance our distinguished tradition and relentlessly pursue a better tomorrow. We must task ourselves to seek more, do more, question more and be more — for each other and the world.