Tulane’s Mental Health Promotion Initiative is a collaborative, multi-level expansion of the existing programs regarding the awareness & prevention of suicide & attempted suicide utilizing SAMHSA’s Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Campus Grantee funding. The project includes strategies aimed at the general campus population with special emphasis placed on reaching students with disabilities, veterans, & the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & questioning student populations.


Build a campus community of care and concern that supports suicide prevention efforts empowering students to navigate healthy lifestyle choices that foster mental well-being, academic achievement & lifelong learning.

Initiative Goals:

• Empower students to build skills to adjust to college life in healthy ways.

• Destigmatize mental illness & help-seeking behavior. 

•Educate the campus on mental health-related topics. 

•Enhance referral services for at-risk students with mental, substance, or behavioral disorders. 

•Forge strong campus/community partnerships centered on suicide prevention efforts.

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