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The Economic Impact of Tulane University (2015)
Tulane University has long had a major impact on the economy of New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area; and in the 10 years since the city and many nearby communities were devastated by the flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina, the university has taken on an even greater role. This report assesses Tulane’s role in the changing economy of New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans area – as a major enterprise in its own right, and through its mission of education, research, innovation and business development, health care and community engagement.

Key Services Tulane Provides to the City of New Orleans
The futures of Tulane University and New Orleans have been intertwined since the founding of Tulane in 1834, when a group of doctors came together to battle yellow fever and “to lead the advancement of science and the rational treatment of disease.” Another calamity, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, forged an even stronger relationship between Tulane and its home city, as a culture of public service inspired the university’s students, staff and faculty to reach out to the city’s neighborhoods, schools and citizens.That partnership between the city and its anchor institution, a national research university, enhances the well-being and growth of the Crescent City, even as new generations of Tulane students and employees are drawn here to study, teach and perform research.

Community Engagement Directory
(Center for Public Service, in cooperation with Government Affairs), February 2010