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Tulane Maya Symposium Keynote Lecture

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The Maya of Yucatan were "a bellicose people" who were "raised from birth in warfare"; Guatemalan Mayas were "very bellicose and bold in war." So claimed the Spanish conquistadors who faced them in battle in the early sixteenth century. Yet only decades later, Spaniards and Maya nobles alike concluded that the wars of "the conquest" had brought defeat and demographic decline. Such claims underpinned the long-lasting impression that while the Mayas that faced Spanish invaders were warlike, they nonetheless soon succumbed to colonialism--along with the Aztecs and other Mesoamericans--bringing "the Ancient Maya" to an end. In this keynote address, Matthew Restall challenges these impressions, using the topic of Maya warfare to urge us to think differently about Maya bellicosity, Maya responses to invasion, and the periodization of Maya civilization. 

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