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Fridays at Newcomb: Emilia Oddo, Francesca Luria, and Chelsea Morgan

Location: Uptown Campus
Anna Many Lounge | Caroline Richardson Building

“Not Your Ordinary House: A Glimpse in the Minoan House of the Frescoes”

During Summer 2017, with a team of five Tulane students, Prof. Emilia Oddo of the department of Classical Studies directed the first study season on the pottery from the House of the Frescoes in Knossos (Crete), a building dated to the Minoan Late Bronze Age (ca. 1700 BCE). The House of the Frescoes, excavated by Sir Arthur Evans, one of the founding fathers of Bronze Age archaeology in Greece, yielded considerably rich material: from the frescoes currently in the permanent exhibit at the archaeological museum in Heraklion to ritual objects inscribed in the obscure Linear A writing. In combination with the other material, it is the pottery that holds the key to unveiling what the House of the Frescoes really was and what kind of activities were carried out there before its abandonment.

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