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Workplace Information: Fall 2021

Last Updated: Oct. 28, 2021




The University has adopted a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for All Employees.

All employees, approved volunteers, emeritus faculty, and visiting faculty who physically access a university facility or participate in a university-sponsored program or on-campus activity are covered by this policy. All persons currently at the university and that are covered by this policy must be fully vaccinated by November 15, 2021, unless granted a medical or religious exemption.

The purpose of this policy is to promote important public health measures and facilitate the health and safety of the Tulane community and those within the broader New Orleans community. The COVID-19 vaccines currently available are effective at decreasing the likelihood of contracting COVID-19, preventing serious illness in vaccinated individuals who do contract COVID-19 and limiting the transmission of COVID-19. This vaccination requirement is critical part of the University’s overall plan to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. Vaccinated individuals must continue to comply with other applicable University rules regarding COVID-19.

Read the Full Vaccine Policy Update For Employees


COVID-19 Positive Result & Quarantine/Isolation Protocols

You should complete an online COVID-19 Reporting Form if you have:

  • tested positive for the virus on or off campus
  • if you believe you or another person is a close contact to someone who tested positive

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, Tulane Contact Tracers will help them determine appropriate next steps. Tulane Contact Tracers will also help coordinate all the actions that need to happen on campus regarding notifications, tracing, disinfection, etc.

In the event of a positive result in a particular department or unit, supervisors must NOT take actions, such as sending all staff home, isolating, or making quarantine decisions for themselves or others, or sending people for additional testing. Guidance for all necessary actions following a positive test result is handled by Tulane Contact Tracers.
Tulane’s surveillance testing program is for asymptomatic individuals (people without symptoms of COVID-19). If you are a contact to a known case of COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, complete the online COVID-19 Reporting Form.
All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, who are identified as a close contact are required to test when identified and then again on day 5-7.

Contact tracers from Campus Health are notified of all COVID-19 positive tests completed through the Tulane System immediately. If students, faculty or staff get tested outside the Tulane System and receive a positive result, it is important to complete a COVID-19 Reporting Form as quickly as possible in order to notify contact tracers.

On-Demand Testing is not available at this time.
Should we continue to use Zoom?
Yes, Zoom should continue to be used and may be a more efficient way to meet, especially for those who are on an approved hybrid schedule, or for those in different buildings or campuses from other meeting attendees.
Will the HVAC improvements put into place last year remain in place?
Yes. The improvements included upgrading all filters from MERV8 to MERV11 and increasing filter replacement frequency from quarterly to bi-monthly.
What COVID-19 hygiene protocols will continue?
All hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipe stations that were deployed across our campuses before COVID will remain in place. As always, personal hygiene - including washing hands frequently - is recommended as a general health practice.

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Workspace Operations

Our office modified how we received our mail. How do we reinstate the type of mail services we had prior to COVID?   
Please email Mail Services at mailbox@tulane.edu with your department's name and location. Once you have reestablished regular and consistent office hours, we will coordinate restoration of your Tulane Mail services to their pre-COVID method. Mail Services has been accepting FedEx and UPS deliveries for many departments working remotely. If you need your FedEx & UPS deliveries to resume directly to your office, please contact mailbox@tulane.edu with your department name and location.
How do I report facilities issues in my space when I return?
Please report any facilities issues online by submitting a Service Wave request.


Will increased cleaning continue?
In some areas, like residence halls, enhanced cleaning levels will continue. However, this will not include sanitizing spaces and will not be at the level that was previously recommended by health officials. We will continue to sanitize spaces when a known COVID-19 case is identified.
Will personal offices be cleaned before we return?
No. Personal office cleaning is the responsibility of the occupant.
Who is responsible for cleaning personal offices after we return?
Personal office cleaning is the responsibility of the occupant.
Who is responsible for cleaning shared spaces?
Shared spaces such as break rooms, copy rooms, and conference rooms, are cleaned by custodial services.

Furniture & Supplies 

Who do I contact to have our stored furniture returned from storage? How far in advance should I request that/how long will it take? What is the process for making such requests?
Please work with your department administrator to have furniture returned from storage. Please be aware that Support Services needs at least 15 business days of notice for such requests. A request is not seen by Support Services until the IT has been approved by the departmental approver, so please keep this in mind when submitting your requests.
I haven't been in my office in 15 months. How do I handle increased refuse/recycling needs?
If your department anticipates needing extra bins, please submit a Service Wave request.
What should I do with plexiglass partitions I no longer want?
Please work with your department administrator. They have been provided instructions about removing plexiglass and other alterations.
Is there a space to store plexiglass in case we need it later, i.e., for upcoming cold/flu season?
Please work with department administrator on the storage of plexiglass.

Shared Spaces

Will someone go through our spaces and reset things remove signage, decals, plexiglass partitions, move furniture back in place?
Departmental administrators will coordinate this process with Facilities Services and Support Services.
Are entrances, exits and stairs in office spaces still designated as one-way?
This is something that will continue to be at the discretion of individual departments. Please pay attention to all directional signage in campus buildings.
Are water fountains able to be used again?
Yes. Please remove any signage or wrappings that may be over the fountain and run the water for 1 minute.  If the fountain does not work, please submit a Service Wave request.
Are restroom air dryers able to be used again?
Yes. Please remove any signage or wrappings on the dryer and test to see if it works. If it does not, please submit a Service Wave request.
Is capacity still limited in elevators?
Can we resume full use of break room seating, supplies, and appliances, including coffee makers, shared refrigerators, shared condiments, etc.?


How do I move my technology from my home back to my office? Who will assist me in installation?
Employees are expected to bring their own technology and supplies from their home to their campus office.
I have been approved to continue working a hybrid schedule. Will the university provide me with technology to work from home (external monitors, etc.)?
If you have an approved flexible work arrangement, you should work with your supervisor to define your technology needs and provisions.
How do I undo call forwarding from my desk phone to my cell phone?
On your desk phone, press *73 to cancel forward all calls. Review this Telephone Features resource for instructions to set up or suspend call forwarding.
My Xerox machine hasn't been used in 15 months. Will those be serviced before I return?  
The majority of machines have been inspected in the last 60 days. For machines under a maintenance contract, you should see a new machine tag with a QR code, xerox@tulane.edu and https://xerox.tulane.edu as contact options. If you still have a tag with an individual name or have a machine issue, please use one of the two methods above to contact us. (If you are having issues not receiving inbound faxes, please check to make sure a forwarding order on your fax number is still not in place.)

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Are visitors/guests allowed on campus and in university buildings?
Visitors/guests are allowed in campus buildings and are required to follow the university's policies.

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Dining Services 

What dining options will be available on campus when I return?
More dining options will open as employees return to campus. The latest hours will always be available at diningservices.tulane.edu. Currently, The Green Wave Grill and Zatarain's in the LBC Food Court are available.

Parking Services

When and how do I renew my parking permit?
Uptown Campus: Staff may purchase a summer parking online at https://parking.tulane.edu or visit Campus Services in the Lavin-Bernick Center, Suite 107, to purchase a summer parking permit. Payroll deduction is not available for summer permits, so you will have to pay at time of purchase. To view the cost of summer permits, click here. Parking renewal for annual permits will occur as usual later in the summer. Please note that the online permit system stops selling permits when a storm has entered the Gulf within 72 hours of landfall.
Existing downtown permit contracts: Downtown permit holders who canceled prior to September 2020: Permit holders should reactivate their contract by July 1, 2021, to avoid being placed on the wait list. To reactivate your parking contract, email parking@tulane.edu. If your information needs to be updated, Parking Services will send you a parking application to complete and return.   
New downtown permit contracts: All others requesting a parking contract should visit the Campus Services office located in the Tidewater, Suite 803. Some garages may have a wait list, so we encourage you to request your contract as soon as possible. Please note that the Saratoga, HEAL, and Poydras Garages bill as whole month/half month contracts. If a contract is activated on or before the 15th of a month, you will be charged for a full month of parking. If a contract is activated on or after the 16th of a month, you will be charged for a half of month of parking.
Will there be relaxed parking enforcement as employees move back into their offices? For how long?  
Uptown Campus: Parking Services will relax permit and ParkMobile enforcement for one week from the university's posted return to work date. All other rules and regulations will apply.  
Downtown Campus: Effective July 6, 2021, temporary access to garages will no longer be granted for those who cancelled parking contracts due to working remotely. Please reactivate or request parking prior to this date.
I'm planning to continue working on a hybrid schedule and will not be in the office five days a week. Is there a reduced parking permit designed for that?   
Uptown Campus: Daily permits can be purchased online by clicking here. Hourly parking is available at ParkMobile spaces throughout campus or on the first and second floors (on the Reily Center side) of the Diboll Garage. Hourly spaces throughout campus may be paid for using the ParkMobile app. Hourly spaces in Diboll may be paid for using the ParkMobile app or the T2 pay station located on the first floor. As always, ParkMobile spaces are limited to a 2-hour maximum.
Downtown Campus: At this time, we do not offer reduced parking. Various third-party owned garages and lots are available downtown that offer hourly and daily parking rates.  On-street hourly parking is available on the downtown campus through the City of New Orleans using ParkMobile.

Reily Recreation Center

Is Reily Rec still operating under COVID-19 restrictions?
Current Reily Rec Center operating policies and procedures can be found here.

Shuttles & Transportation

What university transportation services will available and on what frequency?  
On-demand transportation is available on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Aug. 15, 2021. To arrange for on-demand transportation, use the TapRide app or call (504) 314-7433. Current Shuttles & Transportation services and schedules can be found at https://shuttles.tulane.edu/. Masks are required for ALL passengers regardless of vaccination status.

Splash Card

I lost my Splash Card. How do I get a replacement?
Replacement Splash Cards are purchased in the Campus Services office, 107 Lavin-Bernick Center or 803 Tidewater. There is a $30 replacement fee. Any access linked to your prior card will work on your new Splash Card.

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How do I register a departmental event?
All events must be registered through WaveSync. To create your event page, click here to log into WaveSync and follow the steps below:

  • Click "organizations"
  • Search your organization name or keywords to make sure your department does not already have a page. If not, continue.
  • Click "Register an Organization"
  • Click the blue "Register a New Organization" button
  • Fill out the information and questions for your department as they come up in the form
  • When you've completed the process, please email Jennifer Thelen to let her know you've completed the submission so she can review/approve. Once your department has a page you will need to create the event.

If your department already has an organization page/when your organization is approved:

  • Click on your organization under "Memberships" then click the "Manage Organization" link on the top right section of the page. Once you are in your organization's Action Center, click the hamburger icon next to your organization's name, this will display your organization's Action Center Home.
  • Click "Events."
  • Click the blue "+ Create Event" button to start the event registration process.
  • Enter as much detailed information about your event as you can. This will help attendees know as much about the event as possible when they are viewing events. You will need to select Theme, category and "Show To" options for your event on the first page.
  • You can add a location map to your event under the blue "Add Location" button on the first event registration page.
  • You are able to select "Perks" for your event including "Free Food" and "Free Stuff." Students will be able to search for events based on these perks and know what to expect when they attend your event!
  • Once all information is completed your event registration will be processed. All communication will be sent to your Tulane email and documented in the "Discussion" section of your event registration.