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Collin Dean

Collin Dean is a first-year student from Los Angeles. He finds opportunities to participate in university activities and services like “Wednesdays With the O” and weekly bible study with Reformed University Fellowship at Tulane. (Photo by Sally Asher)


Q: What is your hometown and what is your major? Do you live in a residence hall or off campus?
A: I was born and raised in the “City of Angels,” Los Angeles, California. Currently, I am an undecided business major but thinking about going into the five-year program for finance and accounting. I have the awesome opportunity to live in Monroe Hall on Mo-11 and have been able to make a lot of friends.

Q: How do you find ways to create community around campus?
A: Being that we are in a global pandemic, it has been a little difficult finding ways to connect with new people on campus. However, I have found ways to create community by engaging in the services and activities provided for us on and around campus. Some of these activities include Wednesdays with the O (The Office of Multicultural Affairs).

Q: What extracurricular activities have you been involved in on campus? Did you seek out activities that are physically distant?
A: Some extracurricular activities I participate in are daily workout classes with friends. While we are all spread out, still working out in the vicinity of others is more motivating than just alone. I have also been attending weekly bible study with Reformed University Fellowship at Tulane (RUF), to which I was invited by a friend.  

Q: What is your ratio of in-person classes to online classes? How do you stay organized?
A: I have six classes in total. I have three fully in person, one (that is) half in-person and half online, and two fully virtual. Staying organized is no easy task in general, but I have been using my planner and calendar to remind me of due dates and upcoming assignments.

Q: How do you de-stress now, during pandemic?     
A: There are a lot of things to stress about during this pandemic and school. Things I do to take my mind off things include going on runs, playing video games with friends, watching sports or vibing out to some music. In addition, it never hurts to get a nice meal to go with any of these activities.

Interview by Audrey Watford

Collin Dean

Dean, who participates in daily socially distant workouts, lifts weights in the Reily Student Recreation Center. (Photo by Sally Asher)