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Classroom Engagement


The Classroom Engagement (CELT-CE) core of the Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching empowers faculty to reflect on what they want students to learn and to decide how to advance and assess that learning in the most meaningful way possible.

CELT-CE offers workshops on teaching, engaged learning, and related subjects to aid faculty in developing their teaching.

The CELT Distinguished Teaching Mentor and Teaching Fellows program, initiated in Fall 2011, offers full-time faculty the opportunity of building their skills and advancing the practice of engaged learning at Tulane University.

For further information both internal and external resources for teaching and faculty development, please see our Teaching Resources page.


slusnia_1  Susann S. Lusnia, PhD
  Assistant Director, CELT-CE
  Associate Professor
  Department of Classical Studies


  Toni Weiss
  Senior Program Manager, CELT-CE
  Professor of Practice
  Department of Economics



Rebecca Mark Rebecca Mark, PhD
 Teaching Mentor
 Associate Professor
 Department of English 




Michael Cohen Michael Cohen, PhD

 Teaching Fellow
 Assistant Professor
 Jewish Studies





Brittany Kennedy Brittany Kennedy, PhD

 Teaching Fellow
 Department of Spanish & Portuguese




Jennifer Lightweis-Goff Jennifer Lightweis-Goff, PhD
 Teaching Fellow
 Visiting Assistant Professor
 Department of English  




Shawn Loht Shawn Loht, PhD
 Teaching Fellow
 Visiting Assistant Professor
 Department of Philosophy








 Alexandra Reuber, PhD
Teaching Fellow
 Senior Professor of Practice
 Department of French & Italian







a_womack  Anne-Marie Womack, PhD
  Teaching Fellow
  Postdoc Teaching Fellow
  Department of English







McMahon Elisabeth McMahon, PhD       
 Associate Professor        
 Teaching Fellow
 Department of History

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