Boosters and Testing Updates

January 10, 2022

Dear Tulane Community:

We continue to actively monitor the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the New Orleans area. Given the current surge in cases here and nationwide, it is increasingly important that all individuals take the necessary precautions to protect their own health and well-being, as well as that of our community. In the last several weeks, the CDC updated its guidance on reducing the spread of COVID-19. We want to remind everyone that all students, faculty, and staff are required to receive a COVID-19 booster vaccine when they become eligible.

In addition, Tulane is requiring masks in all indoor spaces. We strongly recommend the use of the KN95 mask while in campus buildings. For current FAQs on COVID-19 campus policies click here.

Please note, we are currently experiencing occasional issues with automated notifications of COVID-19 test results. We are working to address these issues; in the meantime, please check the patient portal for test results if you do not receive an automated response. Remember results can take up to 72 hours to post in the portal. The demand for testing is higher now than at any point during the pandemic. Campus Health staff, who face the same daily stressors that the pandemic has placed on all of us, are also confronting a greatly increased workload. They are reading and responding to requests for results and other information as quickly as possible; please remember to be kind, collegial and patient when communicating with our staff.

COVID-19 Boosters

Faculty, staff, undergraduate, graduate and professional students currently eligible for a COVID-19 booster are required to complete and submit documentation showing proof that they have received a booster, if eligible, through the Campus Health patient portal by January 17, or as soon as they become eligible and have completed their booster. We know that some may have received guidance from their healthcare providers to delay receiving their boosters and we will be flexible with such individuals.

If you received a booster at one of the Tulane Vaccine Clinics located on the uptown or downtown campuses, you do not have to submit documentation showing proof of this. All currently eligible students, as well as faculty and staff, should receive their booster as soon as possible. If you received your booster from an entity outside of Tulane, please submit documentation through the Campus Health patient portal.

Please check here to review current eligibility guidance for boosters, as this guidance has recently changed. Current CDC guidance does not exclude previously positive individuals from receiving the COVID-19 booster.

Flu Shots

Flu shots are required for undergraduate, graduate and professional students and highly recommended for all faculty and staff. Most local pharmacies (Walgreens and CVS) and retail outlets (Target, Walmart) offer vaccines at low or no charge to you.

**Documentation of COVID booster and Flu vaccines should be uploaded to the Campus Health patient portal by January 17 by those who are eligible to receive these shots.

Testing & Contact Tracing

Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Students)
Undergraduate students moving into residence halls on the uptown campus are required to take a COVID-19 test and report their results no more than 48 hours prior to their return to campus. Tests administered more than 48 hours prior to arrival will not be accepted. Students are required to upload their test result in the Patient Portal. We prefer a completed PCR test but will accept a rapid test from a healthcare provider. We realized that COVID-19 test availability varies by region. We remain flexible to allow everyone to complete this requirement.

Undergraduate, graduate and professional students living off-campus must complete a COVID-19 test prior to their return to campus.

ANY PERSON TESTING POSITIVE SHOULD NOT RETURN TO CAMPUS UNTIL THEIR ISOLATION PERIOD ENDS, typically 5 days from the positive test or from when symptoms started.

We also strongly recommend that undergraduate, graduate, and professional students take precautions and test for COVID-19 and then quarantine for five to seven days and test 24-48 hours prior to their return to New Orleans. This will reduce the risk of students returning to campus with COVID-19. Students should complete their test to return to campus as close to their return date as possible. We recognize that testing may not be available for all students. Email if you are unable to get a test before arrival on campus.

If you previously tested positive and reported the results through the COVID reporting form, you should follow the directions you received regarding testing exemptions.

How to submit documentation of your pre-arrival COVID-19 test:

  1. Log into the patient portal using your Tulane email address (without the and your email password
  2. Go to the COVID-19 tab
  3. Enter Date of the COVID-19 test results
  4. Click Submit
  5. Choose “Select File” and attach the file
  6. Choose “Upload.”

*Please Note: When attempting to upload your record, the file name of the record should be short and should not include special characters or spaces.

Tulane Testing Centers are open and available for testing. If you need a QR Code, please email PLEASE check the patient portal for your test results. Results can take up to 72 hours to post. Do not e-mail or call for results until after 72 hours.

Due to the current surge, Contact Tracing is focused on ensuring that all known positives are notified and connected to services. We are actively working all cases and contacts will be notified as soon as possible. Those calling contact tracers should expect delays in return communication as we focus on our known positive cases.

If you believe you are a close contact, get tested through the available campus resources or at local pharmacies and other off-campus locations. If you test positive, please complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form.

Anyone testing positive outside of the Tulane Testing Program must submit documentation through the COVID-19 Reporting Form. If you are at home and have tested positive, please submit this form. This action will remove your from testing requirements.