September 26, 2003

Good Morning:

In 1999 Tulane University received a significant bequest from the estate of Lallage Feazel Wall. We dedicated a portion of this gift to a competitive grant process that would fund efforts vital to our Strategic Plan. Here are the latest winners of the Wall Fund grants:

The Tulane Center for River-Ocean Studies will receive $250,000 over two years to further its river-related research. This will improve the visibility of the center, thus increasing the likelihood of it being named a National Science Foundation center and receiving federal funding. The proposal for this funding was submitted by Brent McKee, Doug Meffert, and Tom Bianchi.

Neurosciences undergraduate education will receive $200,000 over three years. This will enhance teaching in an area that is of critical importance to Tulane. The proposal for this funding was submitted by Richard Harlan, Gary Dohanich, and David Hurley.

The College of Human and Urban Ecology, a proposed program at Tulane, will receive an initial planning grant of $50,000 with additional funds up to $489,806 available over three years, contingent on its meeting established benchmarks. The proposal for this funding was submitted by Ana Lopez, Ron Marks, Don Gatzke and others.

The Biosafety Level-3 Facilities at the Health Sciences Center will receive $500,000 for upgrades to strengthen Tulane's research competitiveness in bioterrorism, infectious diseases, vaccine research, and the study of pathogens of medical and public health importance. The proposal for this funding was submitted by Scott Michael and Robert Garry.

I, along with 11 of my fellow university presidents, attended a seminar at Wake Forest University this week on presidential leadership. Sponsored by the Center for Creative Leadership, the seminar's subjects ranged from leadership in times of crises to the various roles presidents play on campus. The seminar gave me the time to reflect and write on the topic of leadership. I will find a way to share my thoughts on this subject with you for your feedback in the near future. The seminar was a vivid reminder that it is a privilege to serve in a leadership capacity at a great institution like Tulane.

Have a great weekend,


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